Ew… jelly, bro?

Overheard during home school lesson…


Quincy: Sorry i thought i was a bird


 I like La Coka Nostra but I’m surprised this album is good. I thought Everlast quit rap to sing the blues. Also he is pushing sixty.

wt: 163.4

t/h: 55/60%

CPP: 170,175,180 x 1

warmed up with regular squats to 315

BPS#19: 345

BPS#18: 355,365,375

BPS#17: 385

bps = bottom position squats even though 19 is marginally parallel and 18 and 17 a bit higher

SGDL: 375,395,415 x 1

time: 1:10


When i left to join the Army, my mother discovered him and gave him food. She looked into it and found out that he was missing, and his name was Moonbeam (his sister’s name was Sunbeam). He had travelled over five miles, and the owner said my parents could keep him. My mom called him Mooney.

You can see by the pictures that he was super soft and fluffy; he was also the gentlest beast I’ve ever known. My kids would be very excited to see him and when they were tiny would toddle after him and squeal and pet him (with our guidance: GENTLY. NOT THAT END.) He would patiently allow himself to be patted by their little hands (when he finally had enough he’d just relocate to a child inaccessible place)

Mooney went to Heaven yesterday and we will all miss him.  RIP Mooney – you were a good and beloved cat.

Homer Sampson

Me: … So Odysseus hardened the wooden stake in the fire, and drove it into Polyphemus’ eye while he was asleep… Hey, eat your pizza or I’m gonna stop telling the story.

Wt: 162.4

CGB: 245,255,265,275 x 3

HBPS: 260,265,270,275,280

SLDL: 260,265,270 x 3

BTN: 100,105,110,115,120 x 4

Time: 1:11

Do you like to go?

Coach Jr. likes to go. If someone visits and drives away without him he gets very angry.  He also likes to go outside and spends most of his waking hours wandering around the yard tearing leaves, bouncing his rubber frisbee in the driveway, or being pushed in endless circles in his little car.

Above: The man is putting on his shoes. This means he will take me outside.

Above: He took the girl and left me behind. Betrayal! Outrage!

Above: The man will not forget me today.

Wt: 161.8 we had pizza because Karena didn’t get the turkey thawed in time so it was still cooking. I had two slices. I stopped Rex at three. Quincy had 0.2 but cried when I gave Coach Jr some of her unwanted slice. (I sang her the NCBY song) Coach Jr ate approximately 3.3 (Karena cuts his food into postage stamp size pieces which he then wads into his mouth all at once) this marks the first time I’ve been outeaten by a one year old. Yesterday he ate about half a yam but threw a handful at my shoe for no reason except i guess to punish me for taking Quincy to dance class.

After my daily calories were consumed…


Me: 😥

CPP: 135,145,155,165 x 3

Sqt: 435 x 1, 455

I did some bottom position squats to punish myself. After my workout i checked my old blog posts and unblogged notebooks. Apparently in 2014 i made a post where i decided to do rack training and bottom position squats (Nice Rack). Then i stopped in summer 2015 but i never wrote down why exactly. Probably it wasn’t effective. Thinking of doing it again. Probably I’m an idiot.

SGDL: 345,355,365 x 2

Time: 1:19 including moping

Yesterday’s riddle answer: .223 = 5.56 mm

May 56th

5*LT = 2*MJ

Prize to whoever figures it out first and by prize i mean nothing.

Also Celica you will be glad to know that Rex is building a raspberry pi arcade and by arcade i mean we’re going to connect it to our TV and play retro games not like build a cabinet and buy joysticks.

I know i told you that i didn’t like video games but i saw the list of arcade ROMs and there were some that fell into the category of only saw a few times/didn’t have enough quarters as a kid. Since I’m paying for the parts and providing advice/fine motor skills, i doubt he’ll mind if i load galaga 88, gauntlet 2, or blasteroids on it. Or whatever they were called. Also NES contra IOT impress him and Karena with my skillz. And you reminded me about 1941. And there were a few others…

Rex: Dad i want to install Raspbian and learn Python. Please.

Me: hang on lemme just beat this level

Wt: 163.4

CGB: 295,300,305,310 x 1

HBPS: 225,230,235,240,245,250,255

SLDL: 245,250,255 x 3

BTN: 147.5, 150 x 2, 152.5 x 1

Time: 1:06

Tracy toy

Karena’s aunt gave Coach Jr this leap frog speak and spell thing that she bought at a garage sale. You have to go on the internet in order to configure it so until i got around to doing that, it called him Tracy and we called it his Tracy Toy. We still call it that and he calls it “T” which i guess he thinks is his initial either way.

<Brag>Anyway the other day, Karena told him to press E, and he did, first time go (& is on video). And last night he had another toy with a keyboard on it and would press a letter, then press the same letter on the Tracy toy. Which is pretty good IMO for a guy who thinks a toilet is something you stand in to make the TV work. In the field of other dubious accomplishments he could distinguish axis and Allies from other computer activities before he turned one (and would give me away to Karena by laughing)</brag>

Rex, Quincy and Karena went fishing on her dad’s boat.


Quincy: Rocks.


Turns out she was throwing grandpa’s lead fishing sinkers.

Wt: 163.4

Bags of frozen spinach are $1.44 at Walmart. I’ve been eating one a day which is six servings worth. This entitles me to sing the Popeye the sailorman song whenever anyone says the word spinach. I’m a lot like Popeye and by that i mean I’m nothing at all like Popeye but wish i was and enjoy singing the song incorrectly and making the toot toot noise (with my mouth)

Sqt: 385,405,415 x 2

CPP: 180,185,190 x 1 195

Could of push pressed that but missed the clean. Could have probably tried a few more times and gotten it but just accepted the fact that I’m not going to be on the Olympic weightlifting team and moved on. Still like cleaning and push pressing and will keep it in my routine.

SGDL: 295,315,325 x 3

Switched the two deadlift variants because one workout was taking way longer than the other.

PU55 x 10

Time: 1:02