Training Log

Wt: 171.8

Temp/Humidity: 75 F / 71%  we’ve had a heatwave the last 3 days with temps up to 98 – or maybe this is just normal and today will only be 86  so “unseasonably cold”

Bench: 310,315,320 x 1; 220 x 6, 225 x 3

MRSqt: 225,230,235,240,245 x 3; 250,255 x 2

BTN Press: 105,107.5,110,112.5,115,117.5,120 x 3; 122.5 x 2

SGDL: 220,225,230,235,240,245,250,255 x 3

Chinups: 8

Time: 1:16

Thick, Solid, Tight


I didn’t download the actual album.  I hate R&B.

Wt: 172.0

Temp/Humidity: 76 F / 77%

Karena has been cleaning out the garage.  She thinks I should buy a chalk bucket.  EliteFTS wants $159 for this.  Probably going to stick to tupperware unless someone can find a cheaper one.  Maybe I’ll buy another $10 camera tripod and duct tape a bowl onto the top.  Celica?

Random items I found this morning which penetrated the sanctity of the gym area: bib, non-working hard drive.

Pause Bench: 240,245,250,255 x 2; 260,265 x 1

Squat: 305,310,315,320,325,330,335 x 2

Mil Press: 130,132.5,135,137.5 x 3; 140,142.5 x 2

SLDL: 160 x 8; 165,170,175,180,185,190 x 4

Neck Harness: 55 x 9

Time: 1:10





A few years ago, Rex was way too comfortable being naked around the house.  Bc idk, he used to be a baby not long before, and an only child, and we lived in an apartment where there were never people around, I guess.

But then stuff like this…


Old woman from church: Nice to meet you, what a lovely house etc

Rex (naked): I can’t find my Angry Birds socks.

Everybody: …


Rex: But I don’t have socks.

Me: Get out of here, guy!!

Rex: Ooh, can I have a piece of cheese?

Me:  I’ll spank that ass! (gives chase)

Rex: AAAAHH! (running away, one hand covering backside)

Church Lady: Oh my.

Something had to be done.  I had had good results in the past with “shaming” i.e. not really actually shaming afaik, but pointing my finger and saying “SHAAAAAAAME” in an exaggeratedly deep voice.  So I came up with a variation of the theme: pointing and hooting “NUDE!” repeatedly.

This I guess, sort of worked.  By “worked” I mean the number of incidents of Rex strolling around the house naked decreased (probably due to him getting older) but it spawned a whole new set of issues.

Quincy (1 year old, pointing): Nuu…nuu!

My dad (wearing pants but no shirt): ???

Rex: She’s nuding you, grandpa.

At the pool…

Me (quietly): Listen, this is a public locker room.  We don’t yell nude.  Just get changed.

Quincy (age 2): Nude!

Rex: Dad, she nuded me!

Me: Shh, Quincy.  Here, play with this lock.  Look, it’s red and the dial spins around.

Rex: I want to play with the lock.

Me: No – you’re nude….crap.

Quincy (pointing at Rex): Nude!

Rex (to Quincy): YOU’RE NUDE!


At home…

Quincy: Nude.

Rex: Nude!

Quincy: NUUUUDE!

Coach Jr: haha!

Me: Both of you get out of here and let me change his diaper!

Coach Jr: noooot?

Wt: 172.6 ate pizza

Temp/Humidity: 75 F / 76%

Bench: 285 x 2; 290,295,300,305 x 1

Manta Ray Squat: 300,305,310 x 1; 210 x 6, 215,220 x 3

BTN Press: 142.5,145,147.5,150 x 1; 102.5 x 6

Snatch Grip DL: 300,305,310,315,320 x 1

Pullups: 9

Time: 1:13


You got served


The UK just got served.

I can’t stop saying “you got served” around the house in a ridiculous voice, much to the annoyance of everyone.

Rex: that’s my flag…

Me: you got served!


Me: you got served!

Rex: 😣

Karena: 😠

Quincy: thank you for my lovely breakfast, daddy

Me: you got served… toast!

Quincy: haha! 😍

Well, almost everyone.

I’m not sure why this phrase is stuck in my head. I don’t think I’ve even seen the movie. I looked it up on urban dictionary to make sure I wasn’t actually being obscene (after I’d been saying it around the house for a week) and found this rant which is pretty funny.

Wt:. 170.0

Temp/humidity: 77 F / 77% lucky day!

Pause bench:  195 x 6, 200,205,210,215,220,225,230 x 3, 235 x 2

Squat:  255 x 6, 260,265,270,275,280,285,290,295,300 x 3

Mil press:  117.5 x 6, 120,122.5,125,127.5 x 3

SLDL:  230,235,240,245,250,255 x 2

Time:  1:19

You know what I am. You know who I be…


*(note i can’t find this song on youtube – maybe you can.  Pretty sure i got it from; all i know is Jody Breeze and 2004)

Wt: 171.6

Temp/humidity: 75 F / 77%

Bench:  240,245,250 x 3; 255,260,265,270,275,280 x 2

Manta ray squat:  255,260,265,270,275 x 2; 280,285,290,295 x 1

BTN press:  127.5,130,132.5 x 2; 135,137.5,140 x 1

Snatch grip DL:  275,280,285 x 2; 290,295 x 1

Horizontal pullup:  10

Time: 1:18