May the Fourth

I don’t really support this meme; about thirty years ago i would have described myself as a huge star wars fan but I have not liked any of the movies made since i became an adult and even stopped liking return of the Jedi because of the ewoks. So now i have accepted that i like Star Wars less than the median American.  


Toying with the idea of buying new weightlifting shoes as my  powerlift 2.0 s are getting a bit worn (though still serviceable). Perhaps i would like a stiffer sole or .75 inches instead of .60. But Max barbell is sold out of SABO powerlifts in my size and says they’re being redesigned. I considered the powerlifts 3.0 but they’re not different enough, SABO weightlifting shoes were only available in white, and everything else has a split heel, too much heel and/or is too expensive, so i guess I’ll wait.


i realize why i pre plan stuff instead of being a total daily max guy – it really helps to see that awake rational me thought i could and should lift these weights. 430 AM me is kind of a pussy but he can at least follow orders.

For Michigan method.


Not a bad video but

1. The idiotic prohibition of guns in videos mars it slightly particularly the ending
2. Why not make Eminem the snitch or another rapper instead of hiring an actor
3. somewhat unrealistic like really this guy has this luxurious party going on in his hiding hole, the other guys are out on bail? but apparently free to go murdering their accomplice they won’t be suspected at all

20170502 strengthen your wrists for advanced huery

T-nation is an abomination (yes yes not even worth picking on as Fatman continually reminds me). Their new go-to article format is like “Eight disgusting things people do at the gym” with each “thing” written by a different author. In week one they post the article. Then in weeks two thru nine, they post something like “Tip – A Disgusting Thing People do at the gym by John Romano”

Anyway of course I still read it every week because i like being outraged and it’s good blog post fodder and 1% of the time there’s an interesting or helpful article.  I took a look at this:

because it sounded dinosairish at least not the same old “how to build quads without squatting by Ben bruno” or “6 tips to build your arms by seriously just take steroids and/or gain fifty pounds you nerd – people have been writing shit like this for a hundred years do you really think how you turn your pinkies on concentration curls makes a fucking difference” sorry that’s not a real article. 

Anyway, it started off rather unpromising with the author looking like a fat? bearded hippy. And some girl to help him demonstrate who was at least pretty but not in bikini. And tips were basic like “stretch your wrist by extending your arm in front of you and pulling your fingers back with your other hand”

But then this just tucked in at the end.

Tom Morrison is amazing.



 I was bothered that obie trice was not on the detroit vs everybody track or the extended cut. May splice this in and replace some of the subpar verses



Scantily clad women = R&B

Cough syrup, Pyrex glassware, the artist appearing as baby, president or animal, or anything purple or neon = trap music


Posted partly because Coach Jr looks cute with his little Easter bucket but mostly cause vainly (pun) pleased with forearm development.

This was taken on a day when Karena and Rex were at a boy scout thing. I was gonna take the littles to the playground but it started to rain, so i invited us over to my in-laws house. My FIL put on this video. It’s extremely important to Quincy. Here my FIL was trying to tell me a story about crab fishing but Quincy is outraged because we’re not paying proper attention and respect to the video. Coach Jr stares dully.

Reading a Jim Thompson book. Reminds me a little of Bukowski but grimmer so the jury is still out.

I have made an important discovery: The Men at Work song “the land down under”  is about hell and not Australia as is commonly believed.

Let me tell you who suck, like banana Now and Laters

~ The Game (92 Bars)

Scout Leader: Why aren’t you a boy scout leader?  You were the army weren’t you?

Me: do you know the difference between a hunter and a butcher?

Rye Bald


wt: 161.2
CPP: 45,100,135,155,170,180,186
HBPS: 230,280
i think i’ve had enough pausing. From now on HBS & I’m gonna bounce outta that hole. Pause.
S#19: 365
#17: 460
#15: 545
BPS #15: 535
Snatch: 65,95,105,110 um this is the only exercise i do in kilos trust me
Bench: 160 x 5, 225 x 3, 255 x 2, 280 x 4
SLDL: 225,275,285 x 4
sets: 24
time: 82
pieces of gum chewed: 10 (2 at a time)
SH: 3 min

“Take tools and tighten up n__ with loose screws”.

-Young Buck, “G-Unit – Come Up”

Feels like Hawaii goin thru this car wash.

Bounce and Jope

OGs with limps
that throw keys to simps
and I don’t mean the keys
that start your whips
– Jody Breeze

i change my gang affiliation several times during each workout

wt: 163.2

t/h: 65/82

CPP: 45,105,145,165,175,180

HBPS: 260
#21: 305
#20: 350
#19: 385
#18: 415
BPS #18: 415

Snatch: 65,95,115,125,–135–, 136

idk if i’m even doing these right. when I missed 135 it wasn’t like i actually missed I just did a power snatch instead of a regular one with overhead squat

Bench: 150 x 5, 215 x 3, 260 x 2, 285 x 1, 300 x 2

SLDL: 225 x 4, 275,325 x 3

sets: 26

time: 75

Alligator Dave

…is not the newest Rex Powerman character.  But I’ve been enjoying his music while I lift. Best described as raunchy speed country.  I have no idea where I got these mp3s (I apparently have the Stoned and Confused album).

be warned even the song titles are dirty

btw Alligator Dave looks like a cross between Dwight Schrute and Elden Henson (Lenny from Butterfly Effect, Foggy Bottom or something like that from the Daredevil TV show that Karena loves)


Mon 3/20/17

wt: 166.4

t/h: 54/68

CPP: 155,165,175,185 x 3

BPS #16: 495  485 x 1

got cocky.

SLDL: 315,335 x 2

time: 79 min

Ew… jelly, bro?

Overheard during home school lesson…


Quincy: Sorry i thought i was a bird

 I like La Coka Nostra but I’m surprised this album is good. I thought Everlast quit rap to sing the blues. Also he is pushing sixty.

wt: 163.4

t/h: 55/60%

CPP: 170,175,180 x 1

warmed up with regular squats to 315

BPS#19: 345

BPS#18: 355,365,375

BPS#17: 385

bps = bottom position squats even though 19 is marginally parallel and 18 and 17 a bit higher

SGDL: 375,395,415 x 1

time: 1:10

Informing the narrative

Rapping over Straight Outta Compton beat takes self-confidence; this song is hot



Karena (testing Quincy): WHAT IS YOUR NUMBER?

Quincy: D744

Rex: ?

Me: Bingo!


Quincy: (recites Karena’s phone number)

Does “informing the narrative” actually mean anything or if you see this phrase is it a signal that the writer is a pretentious buffoon?

Ice on my Seven Ton




Music by Sean Lolmaugh?


Sunday, December 11, 2016

wt: 169.8 finally the cake – and the practice cake – is gone

t/h: 40/66%

Fp: 225,235,245,255 x 3

Squat: 285,315,335 x 3

MP: 142.5,145 x 3, 147.5×2

SLDL (+3) 275×2; (+2) 295×2

OHS: 160×10

Rev curl: 85×4

WSL: 6.25 x 3


Time: 1:06

Tues, Dec 13, 2016

wt: 170.8  now there’s cookies left over from the Boy Scout Christmas party – but not for long

t/h: 54/88%

CGB: 245,255,265,275 x 2

MRS: 335,345,355,365 x 1

BTN: 138.5,140,141 x 2

SGDL: 335,365 x 1

BBC: 95 x 5

WSL: 6.5 x 2


time: 0:59

Wed, 12/14/16

wt: 170.2

t/h: 52/87%

FP: 265,275,285 x 2

Squat: 345,365,385 x 2

MP: 150,152.5,155 x 2

SLDL: 185 x 8, 224 x 4

Pullups: 9,8

WSG: 2.5 x 5 reset max bc i was doing the exercise i made up wrong

time: 1:00



Coach Jr’s first (edit: and last) day of Sunday School

I got a copy of Ol’ Dirty Bastard’s FBI file.  It’s pretty easy to find online (on, for instance), but I’ll post a copy if there’s demand.  The FBI apparently believed (believes?) that the Wu-Tang Clan is a criminal organization that uses music as a front.  I know the FBI is usually sadly and/or dangerously misinformed about everything, but it made me wonder: What if they are actually right and the music of one of my favorite groups is just a money laundering technique?  Do I have incredibly bad taste or is Rza just great at two different (but semi-related) things? By comparison, I once lived near a bakery that was a front for some sort of organized crime & they were like the Ja Rule of bread.

wt: 170.8

t/h: 53/88

CGB: 245,255,265 x 2

MRS: 325,345,365 x 1

BTN: 126,127.5,128.5,130 x 3

SGDL: (+3) 335,355 x 1, (+2) 365 x 1

WSL: 5.75 x 3

SH/CW Sledgehammer lever crip walk – nobody reads this far down anyway

Bench: 585 x 10

time: 1:01

Sparkle is my favorite color

So I had been using my phone to play MP3s but it’s annoying because of a lot of factors i won’t get into but number one is having to take the tiny sd card out and number two is the difficulty deleting songs off the thing. The other day i opened up a desk drawer in my office and found an MP3 player. I had stopped using it for some reason but I cannot remember why. So now since it works perfectly I’m using that.

I have 200 songs in my playlist. 197 are rap. One is Johnny B. Goode. One is by Kid Rock. One is Sugar Ray – Is She Really Going out with Him. Today I could play my music extra loud bc Karena awake and kids not home. I played 500 bars and running by The Game which is 21 minutes (couldn’t find the full version on youtube; you don’t care anyway) of the “Otis” hook. But guess which song Karena heard when she walked by the doorway.


wt: 169.4 started tracking calories the kids are all at inlaws & Karena made pancakes so I’ll uh restart tomorrow.

t/h: 51/80%


Floor Press: 225,235,245 x 3

did 225 while lying on the 2 mats (0.75 x 2 = 1.5″) that were sitting there from deadlifts. It was too much, though, and i could barely wedge my hips beneath pusspad. took one away for the other two sets

Squat: 285,315,335 x 3

Also I got a new pair of SBD knee sleeves. The old ones are still useable but after 2 yrs of daily use they are starting to get a hole in the knee caps it’s not all the way through yet but pretty close.

Mil Press: 182.5,185 x 1

SLDL (off 3 mats = 2.25″ what thrilling hamstrings): 265,295 x 2

i don’t really do them like this:

(i’m not putting that picture on my webpage sorry)

WSL: 5,5.5 x 5

sWSL: 6 x 5


Time: 0:59

Ant Infiltration


Both the picture and the text of this album cover are somewhat astounding.  I didn’t download the album. also Karena just walked in while I was posting this and does not approve – or understand art. 

Playing Legos with Quincy and Coach Jr.  I’m not making this up I made a Lego Bosch the dishwasher for her and she was putting flowers and cupcakes and etc on top of it.  Coach Jr was looking for new and interesting Legos that he could fit into his fat mouth.

Quincy (pointing): Eek! Daddy! Buggy!  (returns to building)

Quincy has amazingly good eyes (everything about her is amazing yes deal with it) but she has exactly the same reaction above whether there is a dead ant twenty feet away on the driveway or a giant centipede crawling on the baby’s face.

In this case it was an ant – actually four – crawling on the carpet.  Actually more like forty by the time I finished killing with vacuum.  Think I found the source which was a bunch of anthills right outside a sliding glass door nearby.  Went to work with poison and orange soaps.

wt: 174.2 Karena away all weekend she left pork and sliced vegetables but this time we ordered a pizza one day also i didn’t work out and watched Alien (1979) instead because never seen it.  Keep falling asleep & still haven’t made it halfway.

Floor press: 230,235,240,245,250,255,260 x 2

Squat: 380,385,390,395 x 1; 265 x 6

BTN Press: 156,157.5,158.5,160 x 1

SGDL: 270,275,280,285,290,295 x 2

BB Shrug: 280 x 10

time: 1:30

You know what I am. You know who I be…


*(note i can’t find this song on youtube – maybe you can.  Pretty sure i got it from; all i know is Jody Breeze and 2004)

Wt: 171.6

Temp/humidity: 75 F / 77%

Bench:  240,245,250 x 3; 255,260,265,270,275,280 x 2

Manta ray squat:  255,260,265,270,275 x 2; 280,285,290,295 x 1

BTN press:  127.5,130,132.5 x 2; 135,137.5,140 x 1

Snatch grip DL:  275,280,285 x 2; 290,295 x 1

Horizontal pullup:  10

Time: 1:18


Yeah so this song is about 8 years old and I’ve been listening to it for idk the last three, and the entire time I was picturing Kanye’s poor ex who he left behind when he made it big.  Today I finally realized what it was really about.  This is like um, I was gonna say not knowing Lucy+Sky+Diamonds = LSD but it’s worse than that.  It’s like not realizing that “Put Me In Coach” is about baseball. (Yes I know the title of that song is “Centerfield” & even I would have understood the Kanye song if it was called “Chicago”.) Man I’m usually not this dense. Well maybe I am.  brb relying on wikipedia to understand hip-hop culture.

On the other hand, I guess I was the first one to notice the nipple sticking out of the girl’s dress in this picture, so give me some credit for being observant.

Wt:  171.0

Temp/Humidity:  75F / 76%

Pause Bench:  245,250,255,260 x 2; 265,270,275,280,285,290 x 1

Squat:  345,350,355,360,365,370,375,380 x 1

Mil Press:  160,162.5,165,167.5,170,172.5 x 1

SLDL:  205,210,215,220,225 x 3

Chinups: 7

Time: 1:22


One Up and One Down

The main components of rap music:

  1. title of song – a catchy slogan that’s either cryptically violent “Put You On A T-Shirt”, cryptically sexual “Bands A Make Her Dance” or not cryptic at all “Boats n Hoez” Then shout the title of the song a lot during the song.  It’s best if the last word of the title rhymes with a lot of other words, but this is not necessary.
  2. name of group – “Yeah wazzup this is the Beatles.”  “Lennon in the house”  “The Liverpool Legends baby” okay you don’t get this in rock music very often.
  3. catchy beat
  4. sweet instrumental loop or sample
  5. (optional) lyrics that rhyme and/or make sense

My first hit song that I produced in my head several years ago was “Get Down on It”  It samples the Kool & the Gang tune

Except my version had a lot of yelling “get down on it” and humorously misogynistic lyrics. The video was full of strippers.  The phrase caught on like wildfire, appearing across pop culture, including on t-shirts (which were banned at several schools) and eventually was referenced on SNL (sign that the shark had been jumped).  There was a remix.  Busta Rhymes was on the remix.

I told Karena about my plan for hip-hop domination.


Me: …so like this: “Get Down On It” [hums a few notes from the Kool & Gang song badly off key] then like “Get Down ON It!”


Me: There is!  But you can’t copyright a title.  And I’m going to sample it.  And I think it will be the next big thing because the lyrics are suggestive but not obscene.  People will argue, like “What does ‘Get Down On It’ mean?  Get Down on what?”  Controversy!


Me: Wait, you haven’t even heard the lyrics yet!  Come back here –  [lowers voice to mutter] – and Get Down On It.

It actually turned out pretty good though they changed the name of the song and didn’t yell “Get Down On It” enough for my taste, and released it 11 years before I had the idea:

Unlike some artists, I’ve stayed away from drugs, and haven’t squandered a penny of my royalties.  But my imaginary public has been wondering when I would release my next hit.  They need wait no longer.


Me (triumphantly): One up and one down!

Karena: WHAT

Me: It’s my new song.  Remember “Get Down On It”?

Karena: SIGH

Me: Oh yeah…one up and one down!  It’s a catchphrase.


Me: You don’t know?  You put one leg up and one leg down.


Me: Exactly.  Go ahead and do it – put your foot up on the table…  see if you can be in the video.


ps i declare Copyright just like I did on Iraq World, Motorized Pants, and License Plate Obscurer.  However if anyone has any actual musical talent I’d be up for a collaboration.