Mayweather vs McGregor

I consider myself a boxing expert. After all i enjoy watching knockout compilations set to music on YouTube, I once saw Mike Tyson spar in person, and I beat Glass Joe in the arcade version of PunchOut when I was five years old despite thinking that I was Glass Joe, fighting a green grid man.

I am currently ranked number 9 and when i win, i will turn Japanese.  I really thought so.

But just to be safe, I consulted two actual experts – my son’s JJ/MMA coach and my brother-in-law, a former almost-pro boxer.

I think the entire thing is a joke and shouldn’t even be sanctioned… Like how is someone who has no pro boxing matches allowed to fight someone of Mayweather’s caliber. -Brother-in-law


Mayweather is a boxer and it’s a boxing match. Does McGregor have a chance? Sure, but Mayweather will definitely win. -MMA coach (paraphrase)

Sometimes experts are right. For example newspapers (nb. not experts) are (were) compelled to cover two Super Bowl teams or presidential candidates like they are equal. Who will win? The Bills or their opponent? Obama or Romney? It’s a total tossup! Your opinion matters! Meanwhile if you ask the experts and by experts i mean people in Las Vegas with skin in the game they will tell you that you and your newspaper sports page are delusional because you are a child and live in Upstate New York and that’s why the Bills are fourteen point underdogs. And not even Republicans like Romney – people from his own state didn’t even like him.

Another example of the experts actually knowing things is the movie Great White Hype (No spoiler alert – sorry, it’s old you had your chance) Possibly my favorite part is when Mitchell Kane (Jeff Goldblum) somehow is convinced by his own hype and switches to the sucker side. Hey anybody can win this thing! Sorry no dance party for you.

I also recall being fascinated by a Time magazine (never experts – they’re the magazine of rich people in NYC explaining the world to old people – and lying) graphic from 1990.

Who will win? Coalition or Iraq? It’s a total tossup! According to the graphic, Iraq has more troops but the coalition has 15 kinds of tanks and Iraq only has 12, plus their boats are TINY.  It’s anyone’s game! Hey did you know that Iraq has the third-largest army in the world and their troops are battle-tested?

But if you consulted expert opinion and by experts i mean Colin Powell or Saddam Hussein they knew the truth ahead of time. Yes even Saddam knew deep down which is why his strategy was to shoot Scuds at Israel in the hopes of getting them to go crazy and attack so that the other Arab nations would side with Iraq.  Not that analogies are worth much but “maybe if i can start a race riot before the fight it will be cancelled” shows your true feelings about how things are gonna go after you touch gloves.

But sometimes experts are wrong – all the experts at Goldman Sachs, all the universities, Google etc (who had lots of skin in the game) told you that Trump was gonna lose. Oh sorry the Russians hacked the voting machines. Keep believing this.  It’s important because the alternative is that you’re wrong or that everyone else is bad.

Rambling, back to the fight.  On one hand I like McGregor’s brashness but on the other hand Mayweather is the BOAT (brashest of all time).  McGregor is white and has a beard just like me!

Johnny Windsor (from Great White Hype): You may be Irish, but they’re almost white.

Mayweather has the advantage of being American, approximately my age which is not old how dare you, and has awesome cars.

I guess I’ll pick McGregor just so I can be right if the experts are wrong and I like how he’s getting way more money to partake in a dying sport than he did under the UFC’s thumb.

took my first day off lifting in a month; just wanted more sleep

I have this exact same baseball cap.

This is how I imagine my shed will look when I’m done with it. The antique computers are already in place.

There is nothing i can say about this album cover except that it’s certainly compelling.



20170502 strengthen your wrists for advanced huery

T-nation is an abomination (yes yes not even worth picking on as Fatman continually reminds me). Their new go-to article format is like “Eight disgusting things people do at the gym” with each “thing” written by a different author. In week one they post the article. Then in weeks two thru nine, they post something like “Tip – A Disgusting Thing People do at the gym by John Romano”

Anyway of course I still read it every week because i like being outraged and it’s good blog post fodder and 1% of the time there’s an interesting or helpful article.  I took a look at this:

because it sounded dinosairish at least not the same old “how to build quads without squatting by Ben bruno” or “6 tips to build your arms by seriously just take steroids and/or gain fifty pounds you nerd – people have been writing shit like this for a hundred years do you really think how you turn your pinkies on concentration curls makes a fucking difference” sorry that’s not a real article. 

Anyway, it started off rather unpromising with the author looking like a fat? bearded hippy. And some girl to help him demonstrate who was at least pretty but not in bikini. And tips were basic like “stretch your wrist by extending your arm in front of you and pulling your fingers back with your other hand”

But then this just tucked in at the end.

Tom Morrison is amazing.



 I was bothered that obie trice was not on the detroit vs everybody track or the extended cut. May splice this in and replace some of the subpar verses



Scantily clad women = R&B

Cough syrup, Pyrex glassware, the artist appearing as baby, president or animal, or anything purple or neon = trap music

The Spidergasm Effect

When i lifted in commercial gyms I didn’t have to deal with this. 

OTOH when i caught someone staring at me i didn’t get to beat them to death with a broom. 

I felt this album cover was important to post IOT cancel out the spider.

Wt: 163.0

CPP: 45, 95, 135, 155, 170, 180, 185

PP: 197.5 x 2

HBPS: 225, 275

S#21: 320

#20: 355

#19: 390

BPS#19: 365

Snatch: 65, 95, 120, –135– whatever

Rack DL #26: 225, 315, 405, 465

Sets: 22

Time: 65

SH: 2 min (not included in sets or time just logging it okay relax)