20170502 strengthen your wrists for advanced huery

T-nation is an abomination (yes yes not even worth picking on as Fatman continually reminds me). Their new go-to article format is like “Eight disgusting things people do at the gym” with each “thing” written by a different author. In week one they post the article. Then in weeks two thru nine, they post something like “Tip – A Disgusting Thing People do at the gym by John Romano”

Anyway of course I still read it every week because i like being outraged and it’s good blog post fodder and 1% of the time there’s an interesting or helpful article.  I took a look at this:


because it sounded dinosairish at least not the same old “how to build quads without squatting by Ben bruno” or “6 tips to build your arms by seriously just take steroids and/or gain fifty pounds you nerd – people have been writing shit like this for a hundred years do you really think how you turn your pinkies on concentration curls makes a fucking difference” sorry that’s not a real article. 

Anyway, it started off rather unpromising with the author looking like a fat? bearded hippy. And some girl to help him demonstrate who was at least pretty but not in bikini. And tips were basic like “stretch your wrist by extending your arm in front of you and pulling your fingers back with your other hand”

But then this just tucked in at the end.

Tom Morrison is amazing.



 I was bothered that obie trice was not on the detroit vs everybody track or the extended cut. May splice this in and replace some of the subpar verses



Scantily clad women = R&B

Cough syrup, Pyrex glassware, the artist appearing as baby, president or animal, or anything purple or neon = trap music

The Spidergasm Effect

When i lifted in commercial gyms I didn’t have to deal with this. 

OTOH when i caught someone staring at me i didn’t get to beat them to death with a broom. 

I felt this album cover was important to post IOT cancel out the spider.

Wt: 163.0

CPP: 45, 95, 135, 155, 170, 180, 185

PP: 197.5 x 2

HBPS: 225, 275

S#21: 320

#20: 355

#19: 390

BPS#19: 365

Snatch: 65, 95, 120, –135– whatever

Rack DL #26: 225, 315, 405, 465

Sets: 22

Time: 65

SH: 2 min (not included in sets or time just logging it okay relax)