Taxi driver

Spend days ferrying people to various medical appointments and lawyers and insurance and car dealers and children to all of their activities. It’s fine i try to be thankful they are not for me (the appointments i mean but i guess also I’m thankful i don’t have do crafts or tumbling etc) and that they are not for more serious issues. I sometimes fail and mope but try to keep it to myself (except for here that is what a blog is for)

Here is Rex at yearly allergy checkup.

Yes he is ten and playing with plastic farm animals.

I missed first lift in July because Coach Jr has asthma/cold and i had to wake up ~8 x last night. He is the only kid i ever met who doesn’t like children’s Tylenol. Other kids seem to love it/demand it like it’s combination of kool-aid and heroin. Anyway 2 AM chasing Coach jr with eyedropper syringe while he flees, flapping his arms and shrieking with outrage. He also is not fond of his nebulizer even though it is shaped like a seal.

I bought a car from a guy named Fat Tony (cf Nassim Taleb’s wiseguy character) I’m sure this will work out well.

I nicknamed the children’s pediatrician Large Hot Chocolate. Fortunately Karena doesn’t read this blog. I’m not allowed to say certain things out loud but you can’t stop me from thinking them. Also another good use of blog.


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