Funny and important pictures

Quincy: aww baby Sarah you look so cute

Coach Jr: Hat!

Poor Kent Goom

I’m i guess a little worried about intertwingling kid content and hue content but don’t want to make fifty million posts a day so deal. Anyway, this was a really good album and by album i mean it probably contains music.

I keep pressing play butt nothing happens.

Less creatively and artistically sensitive individuals than myself would be all like #declineofwesternculture but i find this to be genius-level idiocy


4 thoughts on “Funny and important pictures

  1. I’ve been keeping up on updates, but haven’t had the inclination to respond. no idea why.

    Wasting all my free time playing PUBG. Also, got in to the Android app development course. Should be fun.

      • Web scrapers in Python are pretty easy, might be something he’d be interested in. Can use the pi as a server and post stuff on Twitter and such.

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