A new take on Corduroy


more horrifying toddler art by Quincy


6 thoughts on “A new take on Corduroy

  1. Hey coach, now that I’m nearing purchasing stuff for the homegym, was there anything that you wish you had done differently? Items you wished you’d purchased? Items you wished that you hadn’t?

    • I have been very satisfied with the stuff i got and didn’t get. If i was forced to choose i would say maybe i would have got a fancier bar for Olympic type lifting but maybe not it’s not like I’m going for a world record. Bigger speakers but then I’ll just get in trouble when my kids wake up to Georgia Dome and Karena comes limping/twerking into the garage in a rage.
      Maybe i wouldn’t have bought the ten pound bumpers because i don’t really need them but maybe I should buy another set.
      Tldr would keep it all the same

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