Library and every other toddler play time area has play kitchen. Every child puts the plastic food in their mouth. I’m just saying that the usual response is to tell them to knock it off – or if they’re babies – seize it – then look at the other parents and shake your head and sigh. Nasty dumb babies fooled by realistic imitation food. But it’s pretty low IMO to let your kid continue to gnaw on something for half an hour.

Changing the subject to perfect children – i was supposed to buy Quincy a $3 clearance watch from Walmart but upgraded her to $7 my little pony model (in lieu of “soggo mini babies” tablet game i said I’d get her – she said she’d rather have the watch)

She was very pleased with it

Quincy has a my Little pony (pinkie pie) and carries it around almost all the time & sleeps with it etc. Shockingly (though charmingly) when Coach Jr finds it lying around, he’ll bring it to her (rather than bouncing it on the ground which he does with every other object he gets his fat little hands on)

Cutting Coach Jr’s nails…

Me: Snip! Snap! (Repeat)

Coach Jr: (looks pleased)

Next time, i didn’t say anything when i cut them…

Coach Jr: Shit! Shit! SHIT!

Well almost perfect.

Front squat 310 bunch of sad cleans


2 thoughts on “Low

  1. “Coach Jr: Shit! Shit! SHIT!”

    Goddammit, dude, a little warning next time? I just about choked on my pizza when I read that.

    • I just discovered that he can press correct letters you tell him on a qwerty keyboard 100% of the time & pretty quick. Which imo is good for 22 months. Pretty soon I’ll dictate blog to him. Also at the rate he’s going he will not be allowed to talk around other kids

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