Workout log

Today i low bar squatted 410 and clean & push pressed 205. I bought a shop light for the shed project. Now i can see the rat droppings much better.

FIL (helping me assemble light): when i need something like this i just go to harbor freight. They have all sorts of…

Me: i did! That’s where i got it. It was my first time going there.

FIL (after long pause where he smiled like he had many fond memories of buying discount tools): i love that place.


7 thoughts on “Workout log

  1. I like harbor freight too. I am going to school next year to learn about Diesel engines etc. I am trying to decide where to buy tools from. HFT are the cheapest for sure. However students at school get a huge discount on Mac and Snap On tools which theoritically are higher quality. Even with the discount HFT is still cheaper. What to do.

    • Harbor freight is good if you don’t need or expect the tools to last.

      Craftsman if you need them to, but don’t want to pay an arm and a leg.

      Snap on if you’re a trust fund baby.

    • I would give the coach/Michigan advice and ask a diesel mechanic & if possible one who has gone through the school.

  2. Harbor Freight is where I’m going to get an air compressor for the new garage. I don’t expect it to last more than a couple years, but I can’t justify spending $600+ for equipment that I’m going to buy strictly because I’m too lazy to use breaker bars and hand tools. I just really want an impact wrench and air ratchet.

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