stupid categories

so today instead of the explosive content you have come to expect i changed the look of my site.  i am not married to the new look.  For instance I would like it to be dark around the edges white in the middle and the text black.  See how I have failed at this.  i just want any look that doesn’t say “Posted in CATEGORY” at the end of each post.  so expect more new looks but they’ll take less time.

anyway high bar squat 345, did some volume, couldn’t even clean & press 195, did some remedial work. weighed 163.8

“Quincy” got the apron and chef’s hat for Karena for Mother’s Day


8 thoughts on “stupid categories

    • Quincy insists that Karena wear it & it only cost a dollar.
      Had imaginary dialogue with you last night when i was trying to use the same theme but get rid of the categories by editing php and css files.

      Me: i wish hsilman was here so i could shout at him to fix this

      Hsilman: do you really think you should edit those files. You don’t know what you’re doing do you

      Me: well i uh…

      Hsilman: you should enroll in a sixteen week course to learn php. I did it and it was challenging…

      Because of you i just picked a theme with no categories.

    • I got this thing called jetpack that is supposed to let you do that. But i haven’t tried it out so i don’t know if the failure is because you’re bad and lazy or because i am dumb and wrong but we’ll get to the bottom of this

      • Well yes I’m probably bad and lazy. Alls I know is I used to get email alerts, then you said good bye no more blog, then five minutes later you make new website and now I realize I’ve been missing all these post. Now I am behind on all the imoprtant business1

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