Sorcerer to toddlers

Quincy: Dad use your magic paint powers to make me red, yellow or blue like a pimpkin (Pikmin).

Me: is blue okay?

Quincy: yes please

Me (makes magical sounds and waves fingers): there you go.

Rex (grumbling): dad doesn’t have magical powers…

Me: Listen, you! (Long loud lecture on the power of imagination and not spoiling things for little people. 

Bonus points for countering lame “but in Sunday School they said there was no magic” argument with citation of Pharaoh’s magicians from Exodus)

TBH I’m not sure if i was more mad at Rex for trying to dreamcrush Quincy or for denying the magical paint power that i was hitherto unaware that i possessed.


2 thoughts on “Sorcerer to toddlers

    • The version they play is a part of Nintendoland for WiiU. I think they like it because it’s one of the few games that they can/will play together. I’ve tried it once or twice. The pikmins (pikmen) are cute but TBH Rex has terrible video game etiquette with the running ahead, the screen looking, the item hoarding etc. And Quincy doesn’t know enough not to tolerate this.
      What version do you play

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