20170515 Books and Broz and Back

Finished grifters. Good but bleak. pop 1280 compelling so far. Hilarious at first but getting bleaker by the minute. That Jim Thompson is something.

Still training every day. Back to doing a Broz type program. It makes me happy.  I guess strange masochistic things make me happy.  I know i disparaged daily maxes last week. Hypocrisy is okay when i do it. If i hit any good lifts I’ll let you know.

Speaking of hypocrisy or maybe wishy-washiness i guess I’m back already. 


9 thoughts on “20170515 Books and Broz and Back

  1. In honor of your glorious and heralded return to blogging I have a confession to make. I haven’t lifted anything remotely heavy since December. I literally started hating lifting so I quit. In the winter when it was cold as fuck I would do kettle bell nonsense and rowing. Now that it’s nice out I’ve started running for some reason. I still do some barbell cycling but nothing over 150#. I can’t explain why. Also for some reason I’ve been doing 30-50 pull-ups and 100 push ups 4-6 times a week. Either way I look and feel better than ever so there’s something. I think the start of all this came when I read an article about how wrist and ankle size can predict how strong you can be. I have girl like wrists so maybe that’s when I decided to close up shop and focus on GPP. Either way I feel good and find it hard to mope about.

      • My wrists are only about 6.5″ around. Not dainty, but not exactly Bill Kazmaier either. IMO wrist and ankle size can be good max potential predictors, but very few people will ever reach that level of development, so it’s kind of irrelevant.

          • Well I lift to compensate for being born dainty and runtish (as i suspect many lifters do let’s hope I’m more honest and less neurotic than some)

            Fatman is so psychologically mature OTOH that he’s the only lifter to lie about his arm size in a negative direction. He claims 15″ arms but really 18″.

            Sledgehammer training (waving them around and yelling slim farrrrman, not beating on a tire like a CrossFitter) is pretty fun perhaps you could include that in your regimen.

          • I absolutely support your decision not to lift anymore. Pushups and pullups done for high reps will probably deliver the same physique gainz as bench presses and rows TBH.

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