Quincy, Rex, and Karena going around talking about Pimpkins. Turns out they mean Pikmins (from the video game with Olimar)

Coach Jr was very amused at Quincy tearing leaves off this bush. 

Playing some sort of cake making game that he doesn’t understand but is happy to just be included.


Wt: 161.8

Lifted. I guess the highlight was 465 deadlift off pins and lowlight was missing 211 push press.

It’s much easier to enter workout logs like this. Next I’ll have Rex type it up and save even more time


2 thoughts on “Pimpkin

    • I did talk to him about filling in for a guest spot maybe this weekend. He has to write a weekly email to my parents and these can be pretty funny but after some mischief he has to get them approved by me before he sends them out. A description of his email etiquette issues would also be pretty amusing to post about

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