Brown Ease

Q: Did you hear about the new laxative?

A: It’s called Brown Ease!

get it – brownies. copyright.

blog men pooping outdoor, can the original 5/3/1 be used as a leader in 5/3/1 forever by jim wendler, blog outdoor men shitting, 531 no deadlift

reviewing search terms that lead people to your blog can always be enlightening.

I very much wanted to see this animal, especially the new historic game of baccarat, and this was a good place, for it ranks next to Monte Carlo for high play and plenty of it. But the result was what I might have expected — the interest of the looker-on perishes with the novelty of the spectacle; that is to say, in a few minutes. A permanent and intense interest is acquirable in baccarat, or in any other game, but you have to buy it. You don’t get it by standing around and looking on.
-Mark Twain (from Europe and Elsewhere)

Reading The Grifters now, is pretty good.  I think i watched a little of the movie but all I remember is John Cusack getting hit in the stomach.

wt: 161.8

tried some rack bench today pressed 340 a quarter inch or so.  squatted 390 to some pins did 350 high bar squat, 345 SLDL x 3



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