Quincy: what does swollen mean?

Me: uh, like puffed up

Quincy: grandma is swollen.

Me: no, just her knee


At the gas station today and the pump keypad wouldn’t let me type in some the numbers. I moved to different pump.   A guy pulled up to the broken one so I shouted warning and he moved to the one next to me.

Guy: hyoo ain’t from round these here parts. I kin tail cause yoo got naccent.

I’ll lay off the phonetic transcription but

Guy: did you watch the game last night?

The answer to this was going to be no anyway but

Me: which game?

Guy: Yankees vs Cubs

It was surprising that anyone would refer to any baseball game as “the game” but especially these two teams.  I told him I was a Braves fan and we commiserated on the recent futility of this.

Guy: yeah i can’t believe they traded Freeman. Who trades a guy hitting over 300?

It was time to go & as soon as i got back into my truck i had to google. It was a filthy lie. 

While i was playing with my phone another guy pulled up, took a long chain out of his truck. I looked back down. Leash, i figured.  Then i looked up again, curious. It was kind of a thick chain, like the kind you’d use on a big dog if you either really didn’t want him to get away – or you wanted other people to think your dog was tough.  Either way was he gonna take this beast into the gas station?

Turns out it was a man.  Saw them shuffling into the gas station, the original fellow in the rear, ten feet of chain between his waist and the lead fellow’s back. Hope neither of them had to use the bathroom.


Wt: 161.8

Don’t have workout log handy but it was a bad day. Tried 305 for bench double, only got one. Missed 465 BPS squat from #17. Tried again. Missed again. I did SLDL 305 x 4 off 1/2″ mat. That was good. Nothing else of note.

Maybe I’ll do my logs like this every time. How would that be for y’all.


8 thoughts on “Swoll

    • You can drink at a baseball game also there are good athletes and you get two games for the price of one.
      Watching powerlifting meet is pretty bad.

      What did you think of my chainsaw chess post

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