Cholesterol champion

Coach Jr likes looking at books with pictures of baby faces. His favorite book is this photo album of mostly himself, which he is studying very seriously here. This behavior would be somewhat aberrant in an adult but it’s fine. He suckled his final pacifier two days ago (he was only using them at sleeping times).


Went to the annual doctor appt at the VA today. My experiences were mostly identical to last year and etc. I got lost four times. The computer didn’t work. The lab tech recommended cowboy bebop. An old guy sat down right next to me in the waiting room and struck up a conversation.

Me: When were you in the air force?

Old guy: 1952-56.

Me: so did you catch the end of Korea?

Old guy: nope that was world war two

Nurse: SGT Coach?

Me (relieved): uh that’s me…I gotta go!

He looked surprised and mildly hurt that i would step away from this conversation just because it was my turn to see the doctor.

You ever have a ticket agent say “have a nice flight” or a maitre’d say “enjoy your meal” and you respond “you too” without thinking about it? Try doing that when the nurse tells you to go into the other room and remove all your clothing. Hue.

Anyway my cholesterol was good and lower than last year. HDL and LDL both good and better than ever. Blood pressure was 123/81 even though I’d just got done with that baffling Korea/WW2 conversation & had to run to make appointment because was in wrong building and on wrong floor & had just chugged a cup of coffee – and the nurse was naked.


5 thoughts on “Cholesterol champion

    • You got me beat. I’m 198. You’re the Michael Phelps of cholesterol. I have just completed adult swimming lessons.

      But I liked being in groups called things like desirable and optimal even if I’m only a marginal member

      • I dunno if now slightly higher testosterone numbers will up my cholesterol or not. Who knows. I’ve heard ideally 150ng/dl for total cholesterol is supposedly where you have about zero coronary heart disease risk of any kind. But this is from Vegan Gains videos.

        BP kinda sucks, though. I’m 130/70-80 if I’m at home, but then white coat hypertension makes me 150/90 in the office :/ When I was at 170 I had pretty similar BP numbers as you, though, sometimes less, like 110/60-70. Really gotta get back down there :/

        • I think it’s all kind of overhyped and obviously you have to take into account like age, heredity etc. As well as not being really absolute like “best competition total” or “number of gold medals”
          That said I’d rather not have elevated levels.

          • I am blood pressure champion, especially for my weight class. Almost never above 120 even after walking a mile or so to the doctor’s office.

            Cholesterol is good too, but I don’t log my numbers. But I’m due for a physical soon.

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