May the Fourth

I don’t really support this meme; about thirty years ago i would have described myself as a huge star wars fan but I have not liked any of the movies made since i became an adult and even stopped liking return of the Jedi because of the ewoks. So now i have accepted that i like Star Wars less than the median American.  


Toying with the idea of buying new weightlifting shoes as my  powerlift 2.0 s are getting a bit worn (though still serviceable). Perhaps i would like a stiffer sole or .75 inches instead of .60. But Max barbell is sold out of SABO powerlifts in my size and says they’re being redesigned. I considered the powerlifts 3.0 but they’re not different enough, SABO weightlifting shoes were only available in white, and everything else has a split heel, too much heel and/or is too expensive, so i guess I’ll wait.


i realize why i pre plan stuff instead of being a total daily max guy – it really helps to see that awake rational me thought i could and should lift these weights. 430 AM me is kind of a pussy but he can at least follow orders.

For Michigan method.


Not a bad video but

1. The idiotic prohibition of guns in videos mars it slightly particularly the ending
2. Why not make Eminem the snitch or another rapper instead of hiring an actor
3. somewhat unrealistic like really this guy has this luxurious party going on in his hiding hole, the other guys are out on bail? but apparently free to go murdering their accomplice they won’t be suspected at all


8 thoughts on “May the Fourth

  1. I’ve maybe seen one whole Star Wars movie all the way through. One of the original ones. So I don’t know anything about it. Just googled ewoks. They seem nice. What don’t you like about them?

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