Posted partly because Coach Jr looks cute with his little Easter bucket but mostly cause vainly (pun) pleased with forearm development.

This was taken on a day when Karena and Rex were at a boy scout thing. I was gonna take the littles to the playground but it started to rain, so i invited us over to my in-laws house. My FIL put on this video. It’s extremely important to Quincy. Here my FIL was trying to tell me a story about crab fishing but Quincy is outraged because we’re not paying proper attention and respect to the video. Coach Jr stares dully.

Reading a Jim Thompson book. Reminds me a little of Bukowski but grimmer so the jury is still out.

I have made an important discovery: The Men at Work song “the land down under”  is about hell and not Australia as is commonly believed.

Let me tell you who suck, like banana Now and Laters

~ The Game (92 Bars)

Scout Leader: Why aren’t you a boy scout leader?  You were the army weren’t you?

Me: do you know the difference between a hunter and a butcher?


9 thoughts on “20170501

  1. I too post the responses I think of that night in the shower.

    Picked up Les Miserables. Something like 100 pages in, ie literally the first scene of the movie where Liam Neeson shows up.

    10/10 I cried every 5 pages.

  2. “Reminds me a little of Bukowski but grimmer”

    Love me some Jim Thompson. Reminds me a little of Bukowski, only interesting and worth reading and his stories actually have a plot.

    • Hush u.
      Well first book was less interesting Bukowski and i put it down.
      Second book heed the thunder was pretty epic. Really see how he evolved as a writer between first two. And my copy was corrupt

      • Killer Inside Me and Grifters are awesome. Pop. 1280 is like a less successful redo of Killer but still good. I was just about to start reading Now and on Earth, so thanks for the tip. Will probably still read it tho. His books were surprisingly well-written for the period he wrote in.

        • i might return to Now/Earth but wanted to see some of the later stuff first. couldn’t get into nothing more than murder and started Killer inside me which is good so far

          definitely check out heed the thunder.

          • From the description, Now/Earth seems thematically very different from his later work. Maybe that’s why it wasn’t that good.

            Killer was also made into a pretty decent movie.

            Another writer from that era I like was John D. MacDonald.

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