at least i can justify buying a chainsaw

my father-in-law is always warning me about various urban legends but apparently he was right about the ingredient in Roundup and I’ve had to find a new herbicide for the driveway cracks.  using ecologic which is a lovely-smelling but probably ineffective blend of cinammon and rosemary oil.

continuing to read the night ocean.  i was pleased that the author used “nonplussed” correctly (as in baffled, not unimpressed).  my other two pedantic word usage pet peeves are “peruse” (it means thoroughly examine, not browse) and “begging the question” (not able to clearly explain what it does mean – it’s something like starting an argument with an unsound premise – but it doesn’t mean “raising the question”)

One of Rex’s friends couldn’t come to the party so he came over today.

IMG_20170430_092823 fortunately there was an unfound poke-ball so he could collect a prize

Went inside because thunderstorm. quincy is ranting and raving because she is insisting that her controller is hooked up and she is winning but the boys are ignoring/making fun of her.  Coach Jr is just happy to be allowed on the couch.

during thunderstorm this happened.  luckily it didn’t block my driveway because i don’t have a chainsaw only an axe.  my inlaws have a chainsaw but they are out of town.

Rex’s cub scout battalion ran in a one mile fun run. I wasn’t there and it was one of those chipped things where you don’t find out your time until later. (From my brother and father’s experiences i am pretty sure that “adult later” = right after the race whereas “kid fun run later” = remind us and we might post it on the internet in a few days.) Karena said he did well, but…

Me: if his time was sub-10 he can continue to live here

It was 9:05. Guess he can stay. Of course i was just kidding.







Here is some music that no one will care about but me.

Atlanta lights – i enjoyed the song for several years but saw the video for the first time a week ago. The video adds quite a bit IMO

pull up wit ah stick – this is tbh a scary video but I’m jealous of some of the guns

hi hater remix – this song came out in 2009 but i am old so i never noticed till now. i can do a jadakiss laugh pretty well btw.


whatever she’s even less in touch with current hip-hop culture than me

i want candy – this was a funny episode of aqua teen hunger force. The song is great and I’ve taught Quincy a heavily censored /mostly gibberish version.i like how the rapper/demon reveals his secret plot at the end.  come on down…right next to  gentleman’s club hehehe


13 thoughts on “at least i can justify buying a chainsaw

    • Yeah. Please share your advice. Is Husqvarna good? Please say yes. I’ll consult consumer reports too and probably shop at Lowe’s. Keep in mind also that i would like the competition lumberjack model that cuts through both titanium and dead hookers with ease but Karena will not support this

      • I’m pissed because I wrote an essay about chainsaws but somehow got deleted when I pressed send. Anyway, husky and stihl are the two best brands. Don’t get a Poulin or anything else really. Some people on Internet forums think the saw you can buy from a dealer is better than the saw sold at lowes or Home Depot. A dealer is at least helpful if your saw breaks. Also they might have more models to choose from.

        Ethanol in gas kills chainsaws. It eats at the fuel lines and injectors. I use this in my saw.
        You maybe use your saw a lot for a couple days and then it sits around for a long time so having gas that won’t go bad is important.
        Apparently Oregon makes an electric saw that I’ve been told is pretty good. I’ve never used one but not having to worry about a gas engine sounds nice.

        • I know what you mean about deleted blog comments sapping your will to live. I was looking at those two brands or potentially a Remington based on my perusal of chainsaw monthly and etc. I’ve had no problem with e10 in mower, wacker, blower. Instructions say it is okay. Is chainsaw different in your experience? I put fuel stabilizer in the can if it’s gonna sit around a lot. What safety gear do you wear when you saw?
          This tree is about two feet in diameter at the thickest i think.
          Thanks for your expertise

          • I don’t know anything about remington. Fuel stabilizer is just as good as the premixed stuff i sent you a link to. The only reason i use the pre mix is it’s already got the oil mixed in, so one less gas can for me to worry about or try and figure out if i already added oil or not. Usually i need my chainsaw on the coldest day of the year and the pre mix has never failed me.
            you should always wear chaps. always. google chainsaw injuries. i know a guy who got 140 stitches in his leg because he didn’t put chaps on for a one minute job. ear protection is good and if you’re felling trees you’ll want a helmet. it’s good to remember that dead branches can and do fall from live trees and they can impale you. Dead branches on live trees are referred to as widow makers. If the tree is on the ground I don’t bother with a helmet. Honestly if you’re gonna start felling trees there’s lot of good youtube videos. ignore the likes and dislikes on these videos because most dislikes have to do with the act of cutting down trees, not whether or not it’s good info.
            also you might want a couple wedges
            you’ll hear guys say theyve sawed for 200 years and never used a wedge but i use mine somewhat regulary, especially if going through a wide piece of wood. better to use it and know your saw won’t get pinched stuck than get the saw stuck.

          • I won’t be felling trees afaik mostly is for cutting the ones that fell on their own.
            no thank you.
            Thanks again for the advices.

      • I hate doing that. Almost didn’t tell you. Idk it’s like $230 for a decent gas powered one or $168 for this thing. It got good reviews on Amazon. Chainsaw journal recommends it. Also, Karena wants me to spend less money on things i hardly have a chance to use, idk i haven’t pulled the trigger yet.

        • Nothing wrong with electric saw if you’re only using it rarely. Honestly I wouldn’t trust a gas powered saw that cost less than $500 anyway. You could always just douse the tree in gas and burn it whole.

          • Fiskars X27. Worth the scolding i received.

            BTW i like how when you start typing in “what kind of chainsaw…” into Google search two of the top three suggestions are “… did Ash use?” and “… did Leatherface use?”

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