Kent Goom

Coach Jr pronounces “Junior” like “Goom.” Poor Kent Goom.

Coach Jr’s sqwat morning. There was an Asian kid doing a perfect high bar squat next to him and a pic of them together would have been epic in terms of potential fitness meme but I felt weird taking a picture of someone else’s kid.

he arranges his toast crusts on the table but at least this gives me warning to seize them before he starts throwing.

The other day he pelted Karena from across the table.  

My father-in-law: he has a good arm

Me: well he spends about four hours a day throwing a frisbee at the ground


This is for a battery charger. The first question is awesome.

wt: 163.0
t/h: 61/76%
CPP: 45,100,140, 157.5, 171, 181, 185
PP: 207.5
HBPS: 235
HBS: 285
S#21: 325
S#20: 360
BPS#20: 325
Snatch: 65,95,115,120,125
Rack DL #27: 225,315,405,455
sets: 22
time: 60

Harmonic frequency: C sharp

SH: 4 min


18 thoughts on “Kent Goom

  1. Let me know if you stop using your raspberry pi. I think I’m going to get one to host a Reddit bot as a summer project.

        • yes both are 3s. one is rex’s and he’s doing some python learning thru minecraft pi although the resumption of 5x week after school jiu jitsu has put a pause but we’ll have more time once school and scouts is done with in like 3 weeks. the other one is for my grandiose plans like the server and video games for the family. I did give recalbox a try but it was being a pain in the ass. basically my motivation is to make something to play retro multiplayer games on when we do family video games instead of board games – instead of playing fucking mario kart wiiU or mario party for the 1000th time.

          • Retro multiplayer games are either hard to come by or super repetitive. Modern games have ruined retros for me. But…Super contra, TMNT turtles in time, double dragon

          • That’s sweet, keep at it! Any interest in any other programming stuff? I’m taking CS50X online right now and it is REALLY hard for the 4th and 5th problem set. I actually gave up on the 5th one, though I learned a lot while trying it. But I was stuck and discouraged for over a month, so I am moving on so I can keep learning.

            Honestly, local Co-Op you can’t beat Steam. It’s not worth the investment if you aren’t going to play much, especially compared to the practically zero cost of the pi, but I have tons of couch co-op games to play.

          • What couch coop games are there on Steam? Not rhetorical; I feel like I’m overlooking some obvious ones.

          • @mich & others – Early I experimented with Gauntlet 1 and 2 and Golden Axe. I didn’t have enough controllers for Karena so Rex and I played. He really enjoyed it but I got bored of the non-challenge of having infinte virtual quarters. (We both enjoyed kicking the elves for potions in Golden Axe – this is hilarious). He later played Golden Axe by himself and beat it. And some gauntlet but didnt beat that “hey dad guess what level 47 is like!!?!” me: “Um let me guess, grunts, wizards and demons” him: “yes and lobbers, and…etc…guess what level 26 was like?!”

            tldr: contras and tmnts would be great fun but i need competitive not coop.

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