Rye Bald


wt: 161.2
CPP: 45,100,135,155,170,180,186
HBPS: 230,280
i think i’ve had enough pausing. From now on HBS & I’m gonna bounce outta that hole. Pause.
S#19: 365
#17: 460
#15: 545
BPS #15: 535
Snatch: 65,95,105,110 um this is the only exercise i do in kilos trust me
Bench: 160 x 5, 225 x 3, 255 x 2, 280 x 4
SLDL: 225,275,285 x 4
sets: 24
time: 82
pieces of gum chewed: 10 (2 at a time)
SH: 3 min

“Take tools and tighten up n__ with loose screws”.

-Young Buck, “G-Unit – Come Up”

Feels like Hawaii goin thru this car wash.


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