Pushrods are what my phone wants to auto correct pushups to.  I’m sure they’re a real thing and Celica and Michigan Method and other mechanically sensible individuals will find the word about as amusing as “sparkplug” but anyway, hue.  Bushhog.


When Rex wasn’t in jiu-jitsu, i insisted that he do some kind of exercise. 

Oh right, kids don’t need to do formal exercise just vigorous play. Well Rex’s idea of vigorous play was riding a bike around in slow circles while singing, or bouncing a ball off his brother’s head. 

So i tried just coaxing him through some calisthenics each evening.This usually devolved into either a) shouting b) threatening him with a homemade Weaver stick c) his sister interfering and by interfering i mean doing the exercise next to him more correctly while dressed in footie pajamas & yelling “LOOK AT ME. I DO IT!”

 He enjoyed the training sessions nonetheless but seemed to somehow be getting worse at everything, so…

Me: no dessert until you can do ten proper pushups

He didn’t believe that i knew what proper pushups were and we had a bit of discussion about that and by discussion i mean i shouted my fitness and military related accomplishments at him while punching and kicking invisible ninjas but this still failed to convince, so i read him the Army PT test instructions (from the internet not from memory ha I’m not that cool)

Anyway, finally motivated by Easter candy, he passed the test. I thought of follow up challenges like no birthday presents unless he could do ten chinups, for example, but he’s back in jiu-jitsu which is fine pay money to have strangers yell at you, choke you, and browbeat you into shape when you have a perfectly capable father at home.


wt: 164.4

yesterday: 161.8

t/h: 67/73

CPP: 45,95,135,155,170,181

Push Press: 187.5 x 3

HBPS: 265

S#19: 365

# 18: 425

#17: 455

#16: 480

#15: 505, 525

Snatch: 65,95,120,130,135,137.5

Rack DL #28: 225,315,385,435
sets: 24
time: 73


4 thoughts on “Pushrods

  1. This reminds me of the goal I set for the gf: I wouldn’t marry her until she could squat 100kg. After a couple of stops and starts she’s getting much fitter. I watched her do 5 very solid pushups last night and run a few km.

    Don’t know if 100kg is achievable, but at least she’s in the trying/failing/learning loop now. And I’m not being a dick about a 2plate fatsit.

    • Some thoughts not judging:
      1. Can you squat 100, i thought you had spinal issues or something?
      2. What if she put on triple denim canvas kevlar squat suit and 10m knee wraps would you marry
      3. Worse, what if she got her bw to 120 kg.
      Tldr: only marry women based on recognized formula like Schwartz
      Edit: Malone, Wilks perhaps better matrimonial formulas. Also be strict on depth and there must be an attempt to rerack

      • I could at a (pre-blog) time squat 110kg 5RM. But I never back squatted with more than 60kg after that, did front squat for a time when the physio was telling me to keep lifting. So double the mope of making your gf realise your masculinity goals.
        Bonus points because at the time she had training sessions with the Irish weightlifting coach and this seemed possible physically if not mentally. While we’re in fantasy land, squat suits and wraps would have been fine.

        My second wife after the current gf dies in a freak calf raise accident will be chosen on the basis of raw Wilks and cooking skill.

        • “So double the mope of making your gf realise your masculinity goals.”

          I’ve heard of parents pushing kids to realize masculinity goals, but this is definitely a first.

          “3. Worse, what if she got her bw to 120 kg.”

          Better make sure she never reads Starting Strength.

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