Me: You can find ten Easter eggs.  Leave the rest for your sister and brother.

Rex: But whyyyyyyyyyy? It’s not fair, ad infinitum


Me: Time to wash your hands for dinner, Coach Jr.  Oh wait, we oughta change your diaper first.  Okay as soon as we get you changed and wash our hands, we’ll eat…




Me: How do you want your toast cut, honey? Do you want it in eight squares (i.e. two slices of bread each cut into quarters) like Coach Jr?  Or would you like four rectangles?

Quincy: Big Squares.  Four squares.  Four long squares?

Me: I don’t know what she’s trying to say.

Karena: HOW DO YOU WANT DADDY TO CUT YOUR TOAST (explains carefully the difference between the options using numerical and geometric concepts they’ve explored together in home school)

Quincy: Eight rectangles.  Big rectangles.  Long squares.

Me: None of that makes any sense!  It’s not mathematically possible! Look there’s no time for this.  You’re being fussy – here’s your toast (bangs plate down onto table) – tear it apart with your hands into whatever shapes you want!




idk even when she has a tantrum it’s kind of cute & hard to take seriously

After Quincy whirled out of the room shrieking munchkin gibberish, Karena eventually tracked her down and solved the riddle: she wanted one piece of toast uncut, and the other cut in halves and then one of the halves halved again.

Me: Ah… toast in powers of two. That’s reasonable.

Edit: dammit Michigan method nailed it, I should have said Fibonacci toast. I was gonna title the post Binary Toast but that wasn’t it either.

Wt: 161.4

t/h: 66/73

CPP: 45,95,135,155,170,177.5

HBPS: 250
#21: 300
#20: 345
#19: 380
BPS#19: 355

Snatch: 65,95,115,125,130,135

reached the elusive goal of lifting as much as a 9 year old Chinese girl

Bench: 145×5, 205×4, 255 x 2, 277.5 x 4

at least I probably have her beat on bench

SLDL: 225,280 x 4

sets: 23 we started counting warmup sets now. it will no doubt screw up your spreadsheets at home as well as the number of megahertz i lift but I’ll at least get more bass out of the speakers.

time: 74 not including hiding eggs at five AM


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