The McGee Family


Conehead McGee (right) and his hideous wife Cutehead McGee

* Edit: Quincy says that Cutehead is actually Conehead’s baby daughter. Hopefully readers will forgive my mistake. Their relative sizes caused my confusion.

wt: 162.4

t/h: 64/72%

CPP: 45,95,120,145,160,170,–177.5—

PP: 185 x 3

HBPS: 245
S#21: 295
#20: 340
#19: 375
#18: 410
BPS #18: 405

Snatch: 65,95,120,125,130

Rack DL #28: 225,315,405
Rack DL #28+: 405

(28+ = three mats under bar bc #28 the lowest pin position is still a good bit off the ground)

time: 75

sets: 16

Reading The Upside of Irrationality – is good so far.

Don’t want to get into a Biblical blog battle but I was kind of pleased that Rex and Karena both decided they didn’t want to eat meat yesterday…


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