Pizza Stomach


Coach Jr spends a good portion of his day dully observing the follies of his elders.

Quincy was playing with a wooden pizza cutter.

Me: an ab wheel, huh?

Quincy: ?

Me: you roll it over your tummy to make lines.  Like this. (Rolls pizza cutter over abdomen). Feel my tummy. (Puts her hand on top of my shirt) Can you feel the lines?

Quincy: Yes! I want to try! (seizes pizza cutter)

Me: Just roll gently. And never use an actual pizza cutter.

Quincy lifts shirt to examine the results.

Quincy: Did it work?

Me: Yes dear i can totally see the lines.

Quincy: Yay! Now i want to try it on mommy.

Karena is sitting on the bed.

Karena: UM…

Me: 😀

Quincy: it’s not working i don’t feel any lines

Karena: 😡

Quincy: maybe I’m doing it wrong

At this point she moved the pizza cutter up and rolled it between Karena’s uh bosom

Quincy: There you go mommy, now you have a line.

wt: 161.4

t/h: 64/75%

base calories: 2250 (+10)

days in a row i’ve had to kill a large insect during workout hours: 3

CPP: 45,115,145,165,176 (13 min)

HBPS: 240
S#21: 290
S#20: 335
BPS#20: 315

Snatch: 65,95,115,120,–125–, 125 ahhhahaha sigh

BP: 140 x 5, 190 x 4, 235 x 3, 275 x 1, 295 x –3–2

Rack DL #27: 225,315,405,445

sets: 19

Time: 73

frequency: kenneth?


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