You’re Being Wrong


her mask is creepy bc reminds me of the movie The Shining

wt: 161.4

calories burned per minute lifting weights according to myfitnesspal: 6.65

word of the day: bushhogging


5 thoughts on “You’re Being Wrong

    • TBH I heard a guy in an instructional video on YouTube say that he used his mower for “some light bush hogging” It’s been stuck in my head ever since and i try to work the word into conversations as much as i can usually in a completely inappropriate manner

        • Yes but i avoid anyone who might potentially say it for a non-hue-based reason. To test my hypothesis, i asked my father in-law who knew what it was but then i had to get into a whole discussion about yards/woods etc bc i couldn’t very well just snicker and say bushhog seven more times

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