Toilet trees

Quincy: i want to put this in the money machine!


Quincy (suddenly uninterested): i don’t know.

Sigh. He calls it a “hat”. Like tinky-winky calls his purse a “bag.” Although TBF (cowboyguy: to be fair) he declares “hat” whenever he puts something on his head including, once, a pair of underpants from the laundry basket.

Yesterday i was talking to Quincy and she asked me the difference between silly and goofy.

Me: Silly is when you try to push a car with a noodle. Goofy is when you try to push a car with a noodle – and you think that it will move.

I thought that was pretty good for a spur of the moment answer especially while i was trying to buckle her into her car seat. She didn’t really listen to the answer so I’ll share it with you.

Rereading Getting things done (2015 edition). I appreciate it much more this time around. Before i kind of saw it as “straightening your desk and files to the nth degree before you start on your actual work”. But now I realize that is a simplistic and cynical interpretation.

wt: 161.6

WU: 45,110,140,160,175 (16 min)

HBPS: 235
S#21: 285
S#20: 330
S#19: 370
S#18: 405
S#17: 435
S#16: 460
S#15: 485
BPS #15: 505

Note to self don’t do nine sets of squats if you’re planning to bench but only have an hour to work out.

Snatch: 65,95,105,115,120

120 was slightly challenging which both delighted and depressed me. I might not have done snatches today except Celicas frivolous comment from yesterday motivated me

SLDL: 225 x 4, 275 x 3, 315,350 x 2

sets: 18

time: 68


4 thoughts on “Toilet trees

  1. Money machine = ATM?

    And I always thought of silly and goofy the other way around, where goofy was on purpose but silly might not be… But that’s not really a belief of mine that I’ve examined in any depth.

    I wonder what sort of life circumstance could result in that being a material distinction?

    • It possibly was an ATM that maybe her grandparents took her to. Potentially any vending type machine. Possibly made up, seen on TV, dreamed, who knows. Solving this kind of mystery is nigh impossible unless one day she sees a slot machine or something and yells out “MONEY MACHINE”

      You have a good point that I may have the words reversed. For material distinction unless you’re a dictionary editor, I can’t see it. I guess I was thinking of Goofy’s earlier incarnations as George Geef from the 50’s and 60s.

  2. Thx (thanks) 4 (for) da (the) translation (trans). Also what’s the efficiency rating for this workout? I cant remember the equation. I agree with your interpretation of silly vs goofy. Goofy in my world means dumb.

    • i think it was 88.3 mHz which is FM and plays all the greatest hits.

      There could be a dividing line in the US where the meanings flip-flop. Like the “pop” line by Buffalo.

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