Your Baby Can Raed

I know it’s uncool to boast about your kids’ achievements especially when they are academic. But:

1. This whole blog is basically focused on me boasting about things i lifted in my garage

2. Due to the rude noises, the cursing, the churlish table manners, the general shlubbiness, the food throwing, (& future career as Senator), Coach Jr has a reputation as the Bluto Blutarsky of babies. He gets called names like “poor old fathead,” “baby Sam” “dirty dog” and etc. He is often cruelly prevented from doing activities he enjoys like eating leaves, walking into the road, and climbing the stairs by himself.


yes he has toast in his hair.

3. I consider this a notable achievement as he broke the family record for learning to read stuff (20 months)



Folly/Outrage of the day: The VA didn’t send me my allergy medicine so I had to call and plead with them. Went without for a few days but no symptoms. Got new 90 ct bottle and didn’t start taking them right away since I proved that I no longer have allergies and had cured myself by i guess taking spirulina and being magical. After about 3 days of this, developed serious allergy symptoms and recontinued medicine fortunately did not boast to Karena about my brush with imperviousness. This morning I spilled the entire bottle of ~85 pills on the not-super-clean kitchen floor. Picked them all up and put them back in the bottle except for seven or eight which I threw away because they’d rolled under the lip of the cabinet where I judged the most microbes were. Did not adhere to “5 second rule” because it was kind of dark and the pills are tiny. I think I got them all and I did sweep and they’re not like strychnine or anything but I told Karena anyway just in case because Coach Jr always has an eye out for tasty morsels people have left on the floor for him.


TBH I’m too embarassed about wasting taxpayer dollars. Will eat my dirty pills and suffer consequences if any. (brb will probably be hospitalized at much greater expense)

wt: 163.2

base cal: 2230 (-10)

t/h: 63/71

WU: 45,105,135,155,165,172.5 (14 min)

PP: 185,195,205

failed with 205 but gave it another push and it went up

HBPS: 230
S#21: 280
#20: 325
#19: 365
#18: 395
BPS #18: 385

Snatch: 65,85,95,100,105,115

current snatch level: high school freshman’s second workout. Idk I think it’s good to do something that you’re not great at but you enjoy and you don’t have to worry about ever being very good.

Rack DL #25: 225,315,405,460,495

sets: 20

time: 64

efficiency: 3.2 the lower the better hang on this is really time per set hang on this includes the time for warmup sets but not those sets it’s ok. i’m a man of science.

efficiency coefficient (sets/time): 0.313, um volts i like to say coefficient. also “leisure” in the British pronunciation


14 thoughts on “Your Baby Can Raed

      • Technically each rep and set of reps should travel a set distance, regardless of weight on the bar.

        So it should be measurable.

        • that thought did occur to me too but I’m not a tendo unit. we’ll just stick to i got more done today and not even mention the possibility that this is because a good portion of today’s work sets were like 65 lb snatches.

          Play any good games lately?

          • Elder Signs : Omens of the Deep.

            Elder Signs is Cthulhu Yahtzee.Omens changes it up pretty drastically but still Cthulhu Yahtzee. I enjoyed it.

            There is an Android app that simulates the base game pretty well, see if you like that.

            Played Pompeii, which is about populating and then fleeing the city after the volcano explodes. Light and fun, I recommend it.

            Played a few 7 wonders expansions. Leaders and Cities. Both are good, and add to the experience without taking anything away. Still fun and fast. One of the best games out there, for sure.

            I played the Power Grid India map. Really liked it. Resource buying goes in turn order, but you can only buy one resource at a time and it goes around. Great variation, it makes competing for resources doable rather than having to pick a different one than everyone else.

            The friend who bought it blitzed to 17 cities. I’ve never seen that strategy work, but it did for him. Ended the game really early and took us all by surprise. Really fun.

            Last, I got Mice & Mystics. Didn’t get a chance to play it yet, but we’re going to bust it out for a few hours on Saturday and do the first couple of campaign stories.

          • Cool you’re a good guest reporter.

            I’m a bit envious of your gaming because we have not had much time to play due mostly to Rex’s schedule. Hopefully when school lets out it will be more chill.
            I will give the Android thing a try now though and also see if Karena likes it

      • If you wanted to convert sets to work (m*g*h), you could do watts, but barring that, your efficiency coefficient is a frequency, so we’re looking for hertz (probably microhertz for ease of use).

          • 20 sets / (64 minutes * 60 seconds per minute) = 0.005208 Hz, so you could call that 5.208 mHz… OR you could call it 5208 μHz and feel approximately 1000x fancier.

            It’s science!

          • So probably the Doppler effect is why my speakers sound terrible. Because like I’m moving towards them and then away when I change songs. I’ll try working out at a different frequency. Thanks!

  1. “Idk I think it’s good to do something that you’re not great at but you enjoy and you don’t have to worry about ever being very good.”

    Agreed. This is pretty much the only reason I lift weights.

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