trust me watch the whole thing with sound.  NSFW

Wario is one of my favorite characters.  I’ve occasionally been accused of acting (and even looking) like him.  My kids got me this figurine one Christmas.  Today I was playing play-doh with Quincy and I made this replica.  Karena praised my sculpture.  (I know it sucks but I usually make ancient Hebrew art and by that I mean it does not remotely resemble any living thing.)


IMG_20170406_172852.jpgCoach Jr surpassing his father at a young age.  At least in head circumference.

I got a new belt from liftinglarge.com.  It’s their 13 mm competition one.  IPF legal baby.

Three years ago I was using a large belt.  Then I shrank, and got a medium off Amazon but it did this:


So I was already on the second-to-smallest notch (while wearing a sweatshirt) but I couldn’t believe that I could possibly be a person who wore a small anything so I got a medium and then had to exchange it because I was already able to put it on the smallest notch in my kitchen in a t-shirt.

Me: What do you think?  Should I return it?


Good thing I did not listen to her.

wt: 161.4

t/h: 54/63

WU: 45, 95, 115, 135, 155, 165 (20 min)

PP: 180,190,200 x 1

(off rack)

Sqt #21: 205,260 x 1
#20: 310
#19: 350
BPS #19: 350
BPS #20: 225

note to self: squatting to #22 and BPS from #21 are too low to be sensible

SLDL: 200 x 4, 275,315,320 x 3 (i usually do these and remove mats as I warm up, so off of say 2.25 inches, 1.5 inches, 0.75 inches, floor)

Snatch: 45 x 2, 65,70×1 as promised to Celica

(work-ish) sets: 15

time: 74


18 thoughts on “Wario

    • Do you know the proper nomenclature for the “loose end holder” of a belt? When i used to wear a (digital) watch that was the part of the band that would break first. Now $10 watch unwearable because of <1¢ worth of rubber that is actually priceless because unobtainable anywhere.

        • On ebay you can get watchbands for $1 from China, of course it takes a month.

          Also Coach, try shoe goo to repair that old belt. It works crappy on shoes, but it’s been holding up fine for a bag I’ve been using daily, in the repaired areas. One repaired area is where the strap attaches to the bag, and the bag holds heavy skates. So pretty good stuff.

          • you’re more thrifty and more handy that I am so I’m not going to shoe goo the belt. I did compromise and instead of throwing it out tossed it into a (somewhat foul-smelling) box in my garage labelled powerlifting in case someday I gain ~25 lbs.

      • The Internet seems to think they’re called a strap loop, a free loop, and/or a keeper. It does look like there’s an aftermarket supply of them, particularly the ones that slide around (free loop, presumably) on the band.

        • Er, that was for watches; for belts I guess it would be a “belt loop” instead. No idea if you can buy replacements for those.

          It’s still really weird that those would give out on your belt, given that they’re not really a load-bearing element?

          • probably more from wear than strain. 6x a workout, 6x a week x 365 x 2 = approximately 26,000 times that I shoved the end of the belt through there

          • btw good work on the research Brap. gonna use strap loop. keeper’s not bad. free loop is a little vague

            isn’t an actual belt loop the things on your waistband at regular intervals?

          • Yeah, I guess the loop does see a lot of action; I’ve actually had problems with one of those on a (non-lifting) belt before, but the failure mode there was the staple that held it together on the inside of the belt coming apart, rather than the thing tearing in the middle.

            And agreed, just about everyone (myself included) would identify “belt loop” as being the things on pants, not on the belt itself.

  1. Do you have the small belt yet? I’m looking at some, but I don’t know if 13mm is going to be overkill. Rippletits says a 13mm is fine if you’re 350# and squatting geared with double-ply. Otherwise its too much. Just curious on your opinion. The company I’m looking at makes 13mm and 6.5mm, and I was going to go with the 6.5. They also sell a 10mm suede lined belt, but they admit that it is just a 6.5mm with 2mm of suede on both sides (which doesn’t do anything structurally). Also, my squat max right now is only around 335.

    • Thanks for some reason Quincy really appreciates my terrible art. She wanted me to “draw an Axis and Allies” so i crayoned a distorted version of the game board (which is already a distorted map). She asked me to hang it in my office and she doesn’t notice the fifty drawings of hers i have up but she always admires my sad map when she’s in there

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