Everything is 1.01x better than before

Rex requested to return to jiu-jitsu and this pleased me.  The coach said (after we’d paid) that he seemed to have better attitude/work ethic.  This also pleased me.  Yesterday he took 45 minutes to take out the trash.  This pleased me less.

Coach Jr continues to insist that his name is “Kent” which i guess is an improvement on “Tit” but he now just says “tits” and yells “ah shit” randomly all the time, even though no one he hangs around talks like that.

wt: 163.2

t/h: 59/65

WU: 45,65,95,135,155,160

w/u time: 22

CGB: 185 x 5, 225 x 4, 265 x 2, 290 x 3

HBPS: 225,275,295,305 x 1

BTN: 95,135 x 4

rack SGDL #23: 225,315,375,405 x 1

sets: 14

time: 70

explanations: i have been training 6x a week as usual just didn’t post

so WU is warmup i do various cleans and presseries.

Now have 25 and 10 lb bumper plates.  so prepare for tomorrow’s workout where i finish off by hitting a 70 lb snatch if i’m lucky.


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