Alligator Dave

…is not the newest Rex Powerman character.  But I’ve been enjoying his music while I lift. Best described as raunchy speed country.  I have no idea where I got these mp3s (I apparently have the Stoned and Confused album).

be warned even the song titles are dirty

btw Alligator Dave looks like a cross between Dwight Schrute and Elden Henson (Lenny from Butterfly Effect, Foggy Bottom or something like that from the Daredevil TV show that Karena loves)


Mon 3/20/17

wt: 166.4

t/h: 54/68

CPP: 155,165,175,185 x 3

BPS #16: 495  485 x 1

got cocky.

SLDL: 315,335 x 2

time: 79 min


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