Punch Drunkman

Rented Seven Wonders board game. Was pretty great. Don’t plan on buying but maybe for future Karena present.

But recently I’ve discovered the ultimate two player game without Hsilman’s help.  It is inexpensive, quick to setup, you can select the game length, and there’s no shortage of people who know how to play.  You can even do it with a computer but it’s not as fun.  I taught Karena how and at first she was reluctant but now you could almost say she enjoys it.  Ok I’m setting you up for a lame sex joke but it’s just chess.

I used to be really interested in chess (ca 2007).  I read some books on it, and learned about openings, and then went home and played my brother who afaik knows nothing about it.  He promptly trounced me 2 games in a row and I quit.  Nothing like spending time getting better at something that you should be good at naturally being a mathematically-tactically-strategically inclined thoughtful sort – and then finding out that you are actually worse than terrible.

Rex recently had a chess tournament at school.  He reached the semifinals

Me: You don’t even know how to play.

Rex: Yes I do!

Me: Then explain castling.

Rex: You’re making that up!

But I played him…and he won.  True I was distracted by Coach Jr and I have won our last 11 games.  Probably was good that he won though to build confidence


When you’re single/childless, Daylight Savings Time is unequivocally bad as you lose an hour of sleep.  The reverse is true of its ending.  When you have kids though, both extremes are blunted as they don’t know about it so in the spring they at least sieep in (and in the fall you don’t get your extra hour of sleep because they wake up at the crack of dawn)



Villain Profile: Punch Drunkman

Teased for his childhood shyness and fear of public speaking, he became a bully and dropped out of school.  His promising boxing career derailed due to alcoholism, he became a street thug, specializing in punching his victims in the head and rifling their pockets (after uttering his catchphrase).

Catchphrase: I’M GONNA KNOCK YOU OUT…HIT! (yes he actually yells hit when he hits you, yes this is totally telegraphing)

Voice sounds like: Me yelling.

Superpowers: Punching.  Drinking.


Sun 3/12/17

Wt: 162.6

T/h: 46/75

CGB: 255,265,275,282.5 x 3

HBPS: 275,295,300,305 x 1

BTN: 145,147.5,150,152.5 x 2

SLDL: 295,310,320,330 x 2

SH: 4:15

Time: 86


Mon 3/13/17

wt: 161.8

t/h: 48/68

CPP: 145,155,165,175,180 x 3

BPS #16: 455 x 1

SGDL: 385,405,425 x 1

SH: 5:00

time: 81



13 thoughts on “Punch Drunkman

    • Funny because I’ve polled my buddies and acquaintances and by far the most common response is “I know how to play but am not very good”
      But you and I will openly admit to being worse than people expect us to be

  1. Get sushi go if you want a cheaper, less complicated version.

    Chess is good though, always wanted to get better at it but not enough to actually put in the time.

    • We have sushi go. Probably will play with my mom when she visits. I noticed the similarities between the games…
      Me: They are both take-and-pass kind of games.
      Karena: DRAFTING
      Me: nerd

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