Outrages of the day

wp-1489507652989.jpgWants to tear leaf but can’t find hand

The finger song has 600,000,000 views on youtube.  I’d guess that the breakdown of those views is something like 6000 toddlers watching the video 100,000 times each.  If you add in all of its variants  it’s well over a billion.

Quincy and I teamed up to make our own version and by teamed up I mean jackman has acknowledged my knack for making droll lyrics and Quincy apparently has a photographic memory for scatological doggerel much to Karena’s dismay.

Baby finger, baby finger, where do you poo?  I poo in my diaper, boo hoo hoo.

Sister finger…etc? I poo in the potty like you taught me to.

Brother finger: I poo on the floor because I belong in a zoo.

Mother finger: I am a lady – I do not do(o) doo.

Daddy finger: I’ll spank your butt-ox – Moo, moo, moo!


One of my bars has little rust spots visible thru the chalk on the knurling so I followed these directions and by followed, I mean I actually did what one of the commenter recommends with the white vinegar instead of coke and my bar still looks rusty.  Maybe it is less rusty and I just couldn’t see the extent of the rust before because it was covered with chalk.  (I also couldn’t find any liquid wrench, so I used WD-40 Silicone Dry but I think that’s the same thing; it didn’t make the bar slippery at all).  So I’ll try it again this time with Coca-Cola.  BTW I like writing “coke bar” in my todo list makes me feel cool.

Wt: 162

CGB: 290 x 2

Everything conspiring against me today including lack of time, lack of sleep, and this Remy Ma song which induced physical nausea .

HBPS: 310,315,320 x 1

BTN: 155,162.5 x 1

finally hit the elusive 1x BW BTN press which means if my evil clone is stuck on the back of my neck I can lift him off without bending my knees.

SLDL: 225,260 x 4

time: 70 min


7 thoughts on “Outrages of the day

    • Probably good idea not to watch finger video as it will get stuck in your head. Something i didn’t realize is that probably half of YouTube is weird stuff toddlers like watching. If you don’t believe me see how many views your favorite music video has. Is it more than 600 million? Quincy likes watching videos of people playing games on their tablets. Yes on her tablet. And yes they are games like candy crush or Dr Panda that she either owns or we could get for her. She also likes videos of adults reviewing play doh products by playing with them.
      Re rust i know it’s probably not terrible but if i can take it off fairly easily why not.

      • I’m sure you’re aware that the most popular YouTube channel (as of a couple years ago) is PewDiePie, who plays video games. My nephew, who is 12, has spent the last 5 years watching other people online play video games that he owns. And he’s not watching them to figure out how to beat a level or something, he’s watching them because he finds it more entertaining than playing the game itself. It’s totally bizarre to me.

        • I watch let’s play channels. Well, i watch northernlion pretty much every day. Used to watch game grumps, but about a year ago i got sick of them.

        • I was not aware of pewdiepie or that adults/older children liked this sort of thing. Bremt did mention at least once that he watched someone play thru an rpg. I think it was to help him fall asleep in which case i approve.

  1. I don’t like watching letsplays, but I do admit I do watch people playing video games now just for graphical benchmarking ideas, of how different cards perform, etc.

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