Pi and Powerman

Raspberry pi update

Our initial project was a retro game console. Strangely Rex wasn’t really interested in this so i finished it myself just to see it through.

Karena was pretty impressed, though…


But since i bought the thing to a) teach Rex “computer stuff” b) work on projects with him; i dismantled the arcade, burned Raspbian onto the sd card and got him started doing Minecraft pi. Which he seems a lot fonder of despite having some initial difficulties*

* Funny only to nerds: he was typing his Python program into the terminal and hitting enter after each line

Rex Powerman/Bookman graphic novel/animated TV show coming out in uh, February

Villain#1: The Bookworm

Talks like: the monarch from venture brothers

Profile: criminal mastermind. Can build robots and weapons. And robotic weapons. Thinks he can eat books (he can’t really; i mean he’ll do it to show off but eating paper is pretty awful). Bent on the destruction of all books. Ruined every volume in the First National Library in Townsville.

Catchphrase: Because…I’m the bookwoooorm!

(Okay this isn’t much of a catchphrase, i know, but if you say it every third sentence it kind of is unique. And also fun)

Sneak preview of episode one…

The Bookworm: Hahaha! I’ll eat every book in this library… Because I’m the bookwoooorm!

Bookman crashes through wall in the Bookmobile (armored van disguised as lame lending library)

Bookman: Books are for reading, not for eating!


wt: 164.6

t/h: 60/82%

CGB: 305,310,315 x 1

HBPS: 245,255,265,275,285 x 1

BTN: 127.5,132.5,137.5,142.5 x 3

SLDL: 265,275,285,295 x 3


time: 80

Sat 3/11

Wt: 163.0

T/h: 50/63

CPP: 190 x 1

BPS #16: 450 x 1

SGDL: 345,355,365,375 x 2

Reverse curl: 65 x 10


Time: 72

Sledgehammer pro tip: don’t hammer concrete that’s under a thin layer of dirt. You will get dirty – all at once.


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