Tracy toy

Karena’s aunt gave Coach Jr this leap frog speak and spell thing that she bought at a garage sale. You have to go on the internet in order to configure it so until i got around to doing that, it called him Tracy and we called it his Tracy Toy. We still call it that and he calls it “T” which i guess he thinks is his initial either way.

<Brag>Anyway the other day, Karena told him to press E, and he did, first time go (& is on video). And last night he had another toy with a keyboard on it and would press a letter, then press the same letter on the Tracy toy. Which is pretty good IMO for a guy who thinks a toilet is something you stand in to make the TV work. In the field of other dubious accomplishments he could distinguish axis and Allies from other computer activities before he turned one (and would give me away to Karena by laughing)</brag>

Rex, Quincy and Karena went fishing on her dad’s boat.


Quincy: Rocks.


Turns out she was throwing grandpa’s lead fishing sinkers.

Wt: 163.4

Bags of frozen spinach are $1.44 at Walmart. I’ve been eating one a day which is six servings worth. This entitles me to sing the Popeye the sailorman song whenever anyone says the word spinach. I’m a lot like Popeye and by that i mean I’m nothing at all like Popeye but wish i was and enjoy singing the song incorrectly and making the toot toot noise (with my mouth)

Sqt: 385,405,415 x 2

CPP: 180,185,190 x 1 195

Could of push pressed that but missed the clean. Could have probably tried a few more times and gotten it but just accepted the fact that I’m not going to be on the Olympic weightlifting team and moved on. Still like cleaning and push pressing and will keep it in my routine.

SGDL: 295,315,325 x 3

Switched the two deadlift variants because one workout was taking way longer than the other.

PU55 x 10

Time: 1:02


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