Lords of Waterdeep



Two totally unrelated images although I’m sure some of you can and will find some unsavory connection.


Got this game for anniversary present for Karena on recommendation of hsilman (thank you).  We played last night with Rex.  It was super fun and although the rules and massive number of pieces/cards made it look confusing, by the time we made it through one practice turn everybody knew the rules enough to make it a real game (which I won).

wt: 166.0

t/h: 54/75%

CGB: 225,230,235,240,245,250,255,260 x 3

HBPS: 285,290,295,300

BTN: 110,112.5,115 x 4

SGDL: 325,345,365 x 2

time: 1:04


11 thoughts on “Lords of Waterdeep

    • Your wife won’t play?

      I have to say that this game is not really D&D (and I couldn’t tell Forgotten Realms from Dragonlance). What I mean by this is that yes there are all the thematic elements, e.g completing quests, using warrior/rogue/wizard/clerics, everything is called the “Tower of Arslenmorg” etc. But it could be changed to you completing contracts using oil/gold/stock options and everything called like “The Dividend of the Grand IBM” and it would play the exact same.

      • They are orange cubes, black cubes, purple cubes, and white cubes.

        The only thing I know about the quests is what they require, don’t even read the names or flavor text.

        My “Noble” or whatever is the bonus points at the end, don’t even know the names.

        But yay, D&D I think?

        • Flavor text and theme are i guess for either serious dorks or in our case to annoy Karena.

          Rex (at 10 PM): wait let me read the quest you just discarded…

          Or me:: Remember last game (because you can’t reveal your current guy) when i was Khelvan Blacksmircher? Well i demand everyone call me Lord Blacksmircher of the Dark Arts everytime they use my building.

      • “But it could be changed to you completing contracts using oil/gold/stock options”

        Yes, but “Lords of the Robber-Baron, Exploitative, Profiteering Class” somehow doesn’t have the same ring to it. Also it’s hard to fit that many letters on the box.

        “Your wife won’t play?”

        I might be able to convince her and a few friends to play if I really downplay the D&D part of it.

        Mrs. Fatman: “I can’t believe you played D&D. I mean I always knew you’re a meganerd, but holy shit.”

        Mrs. Fatman: “Dungeon Master? Is that something BDSM-related? Hue!”

        Mrs. Fatman: “Game of Thrones is the best show ever.”

        • You don’t have to be an industrialist. You can be a lawful good Knight of Consumer Protection. Or a Wizard of silicon valley. Or even an eco terrorist (assassin).

          Also i don’t like to question those wiser than i, but why would you admit d&d to your wife without an equivalent embarrassing disclosure on her part. Or God forbid did she actually know you in high school

          • If you really want to impress, tell her a d20 sucks for variance and that rolling your stats during character creation is a shitty idea. You only play the most well refined Apocalypse World hacks.

          • “rolling your stats during character creation is a shitty idea”

            That would be apostasy. I am, however, a big fan of systems that use d20 + situation dice.

            Haven’t played Apocalypse World, but it sounds wonderful.

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