Show me butts

On recent road trip. Karena driving first leg. She got a thing that affixed her cell phone to the dashboard so she could use it as a GPS…

Me (reading): OK Google, play jazz?

Karena: NO DON’T.

YouTube pops up, replacing the map. Jazz music begins playing.


Me: Is that one of those voice-activated things like Alexa? So if somebody says “okay Google, show me butts,” it…

Phone: Loading butts!

Rex leans forward eagerly.  Karena yanks the phone out of the holder.  Car swerves across the road.

Me: Wow you really have to be careful with that thing.

I had a dream that i came up with a tongue twister. It was “co-signer, ghost writer”. It actually is a tongue twister so that’s something, even if it’s not really challenging. If i say it a few times fast, i start to say “ghost rider” but YMMV. It’s about on par with the time i invented two foods in one dream.

10/25/06: “A cherry egg was like an egg over-easy with that cherry topping they put on french toast on it.  A sausage burger is a hamburger with a beef patty AND a sausage patty.”

Declaring copyright on sausage burgers, cherry eggs, and my beginner tongue twister.

Quincy (singing): Baby butts! Baby butts!*


Quincy: I said Baby Bus!

I was there & that’s a filthy lie.

*Note before my mom or anyone else chastises me – she wasn’t in the car for the “show me butts incident” & therefore did not “learn this kind of talk from me” **

**She probably learned this kind of talk from me

wt: 167.2 yesterday cheated a little. Karena made a soup with the following ingredients: 2 lbs of cheese, 3 potatoes, a stick of butter, a pound of bacon, and a pack of diced ham, and a handful of green onions.  Then she made bread bowls for it. (so yes ape soup = toast is the bowl).  It did look very inviting; perhaps I could find a place for it in my diet…

Me: how many calories are in the soup?

Karena: IT SAID 300

Me: For how much? A teaspoonful?

Karena: I DON’T KNOW

I calculated that one hollowed-out bread bowl filled to overflowing with cheese/butter soup = 594 calories because that was the exact number I had remaining for the day.  But then I figured why not; it was taking up room in the fridge and also drank a mason jar full of her grandmother’s homemade wine.

t/h: 44/69%

CPP: 170,175,180,185,190 x 1

Sqt: 435,445,455 x 1

SLDL: 275 x 3; 280,285 x 2

Pullups: 55 x 4,1

2SH: 3:15

Time: 1:06


2 thoughts on “Show me butts

    • More likely a real thing too. But if you order waffles at IHOP or somewhere and scrape the cherry topping onto your eggs it might be okay if you eat a mouthful of waffle right away i guess

      I caught Karena saying the tongue twister yesterday evening

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