Karena woke up early and came out to the garage environs to tidy.


But when she came in, i was playing Michael Jackson. She appears about once a month during workouts &I’m always playing the one unmacho song on my playlist.

Karena: WHEE (dances around)

I always thought that i would like girls to dance around and watch me workout. I don’t actually want this or maybe i am just shy.  I changed the song to narcocorrido music IOT chase her away. It worked. Polka with lyrics that only make sense to me – The ultimate anti-girl music.

Wt: 165.6

CGB: 305,310, 315 x 1

High bar pause squat: 265,270,275,280

(All reps one from here on and I’m already tired of the manta ray)

SGDL: 295,305,315 x 3

BTN: 102.5,103.5,105,107.5 x 4

Sledgehammer: 3:10

Now with double the hammer i.e. one in each hand. Fortunately Karena had already left and did not witness that folly.

She did see me deadlift 225 and asked if it was my max.


8 thoughts on “20170209

  1. “I always thought that i would like girls to dance around and watch me workout.”

    I don’t know that the former had ever crossed my mind as a possibility. Sometimes having an attractive girl in the gym is motivational in terms of pushing me to not puss out from doing more work, but when it’s actually time to do said work, I think it actually goes better if she’s not around.

    • Aren’t you mature.

      No idk like in Duke Nukem aren’t there girls dancing around while he shoots monsters? And in gangster movies there’s always hot girls at the club hanging around while the gangsters do business. So you can see i have realistic and thoughtful expectations.

      TBH she was doing work and mostly in the next room (the school room there is no school there but idk what you call the room that connects two of your garages)

      Approximate number of times she glanced at me: 2
      Approximate number of times i looked over in her direction to see if she was watching: 25

        • Three garages, two sheds and one half collapsed carport from when one of the sheds was somebody’s home. I’m wealthy in odd things.
          Last weekend i met a guy who has 60,000 rds of 5.56. he’s a part time gun dealer btw not a militia member

          • Coach, you know it’s time. To start a car farm. Buy like 20 project cars for said property, you’ll get around to them eventually. If not, eventually, they’ll grow up and beget more and more cars from planting them as seeds in the ground.

          • It’s a good idea. Karena’s late great uncle planted some decrepit lawn equipment here. It’s still here, my father in law has brought some more over and it’s even blossoming at their house now

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