I need a sweet

Coach Jr has learned the word “book.” Only he pronounces it starting with a G. Kind of don’t want to take him to the library for a few months.

Another new thing – he has found another food he likes besides scraps of meat: bean mush. (I got the idea from four hour body; it’s just mashed up & heated canned beans.) Which is very healthy – full of fiber and potassium. But i sit next to him at the table and he tugs my sleeve when he wants more so i end up having to change my shirt meanwhile he doesn’t because he wears a bib.

Wt: 167.6

T/h: 58/96

CPP: 145,150,155,160 x 2; 165 x 1

Sqt: 385,395,405 x 2

SLDL: 260,265,270 x 3

Pullups: 55 x 2,2

Time: 1:02


8 thoughts on “I need a sweet

  1. As a fellow heated canned bean aficionado, I applaud your consumption of heated up canned beans. Although still skeptical about mushing them up.

    I’m also taking this opportunity to promote Trader Joe’s fat free refried beans, which is basically bean mush with uniform consistency. Through some trick of voodoo economics, they also happen to be cheaper than whole canned beans, in spite of containing more bean mass per can.

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