1. Father will only let me watch the television if i sit on my potty
  2. I can’t remove my pants and diaper by myself; i need father’s help
  3. If i stand near the potty, father will know that i want to watch television and help me
  4. If i stand IN the potty, father will move quicker

Wt: 165.8 wasn’t hungry and only ate ca.1500 cal yesterday

T/h: 48/81

Squat: 425,445,455 x 1

Press: 167.5,170 x 2, 172.5,175 x 1

SLDL: 225,230,235,240 x 4

SH: 1 min

Time: 0:57

Father will not let me slide. This is an outrage.


12 thoughts on “Incentivization

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