Reading this philosophy book. I’d long ago given up hope on anyone in my family being remotely interested in anything I read, but Rex is kind of hooked. Then i discuss it with him “how do you know you’re real and not an illusion created by an evil demon” and Karena can’t help but jump in. It’s kind of nerdy to talk about philosophy at the dinner table but secretly pleasing. Poor Quincy is  left out and talks to herself about her imaginary friend. Coach Jr, of course, just wads pork in his mouth until it’s plate throwing time.

Quincy (reading spine of book): Fa-loo-sa-fee?
Me: aw don’t worry your pretty little head about it that stuff is not for girls.

Haha just kidding i didn’t actually say that. She’s doing first grade stuff in home school. Here’s a picture of her in her pajamas.

Me: Look smart. It’s for the blog.

Karena took Rex to a Pokemon party at the library.

Coachstradamus (via text message): Did he immediately rush off and begin jabbering in what sounds like a foreign language?

Coach Jr, um well he has a big head so that’s promising. When you say “brush teeth” he says “Ah?” and trundles towards the sink. The problem is if you say “brush” “teeth” “ah” or any word that sounds remotely similar, he does the same thing and is disappointed that he can’t brush his teeth fifty times a day.

This whole thing sounds like a Christmas card, ugh. Oh well, the family that nerds together uh herds together, i guess.

Wt: 166.6 maintaining faith in my fitness pal, i know it’s working because I’m starving and miserable brb  watching clock til dinner time 749 calories remaining, still need 14 grams of fiber looks like beans and two ounces of meat and an onion FML. I’m not really whining okay I am. Enjoy my self inflicted misery.

T/h: 42/67

Cgb: 230,235,240,245,250×3

Hbps: 205×6, 215,225,235,245×3

Btn: 153.5,155×1

SGDL: 375, 385, 395 x 1

Pullups: 0x5; 35×5

Time: 1:09


25 thoughts on “Faloosafee

  1. Did you track what your caloric intake was before you started restricting it? I ask because I think MFP has underestimated your baseline. Also, your bodyweight seems to be dropping faster than is desirable (I’m assuming you didn’t also switch to low carb or low sodium or start pounding laxatives).

    The old conventional wisdom about trying to keep it to about a pound a week has a lot of truth to it.

      • The problem with this analogy is the illusory worlds don’t penalize you at all. If you went to jail in GTA San Andreas and you could never play the game again after that, then you might play differently?

      • GTA is a bad comparison. The game forces you to be bad to complete it. Fallout or the Elder Scrolls games are a lot better, imo. In Fallout New Vegas they allow you to complete the game by not killing anyone or anything, or killing every single person in the game if you wish.

        Me personally, I actually don’t really like making evil game profiles in games like that. I try it for a few hours and feel bad :/ I tried to make an evil character in Fallout 3 named George Soros.

    • Life is an elaborate quantum-computer simulation of real stuff that happened thousands of years ago, running in a near-infinite loop but gradually slowing down as the inevitable heat death of the multiverse draws closer.

      How can we call it an illusion, when it’s the only thing we’ve ever known?

        • Well, humanity and everything we consider “reality” are really bits of programming in a colossal ancestor simulation running inside a megacomputer existing outside of the boundaries of spacetime. This simulation is the multiverse, i.e. countless parallel universes covering the sum of all possibilities – what scientists today hint at when they speak of the many-world theory of quantum dynamics. An extremely evolved culture created the quantum simulation as an archive, or memento, in a dying cosmos.

          No possibility is left unexplored. Within the multiverse, there are universes where the laws of physics as we know them do not apply, locked in an unending cycle of expansion and collapse; two-dimensional paradoxes incapable of supporting consciousness; universes where impossible lifeforms abound; universes very similar to ours, hosting different (to a greater or lesser degree) versions of ourselves. Realities where Coach is a Pict chieftain, leading hordes in pillaging raids against the ancient Britons, the Romans, or lizard-like troglodyte tribes from unfathomable islands in the south; where Somecowboyguy is a multimillionaire spiritual guru, followed around by a bevy of barely legal nymphets in diaphanous clothing, providing mind-bending hallucinogens and sage advice to the Beatles, wanted in eleven countries on lewd conduct charges; where Fatman is an alcoholic, debauched court scribe with a side business in selling indulgences. There are universes where you grew up one street over from where you did in this one, universes where you were born on a different continent, or thirty years in the past/future. Universes where GTA San Andreas is “real”, and people play a mostly boring and occasionally tragic and violent computer game based on our world. Universes where simulated consciousnesses are creating their own simulations. Mirrors within mirrors within mirrors, tunneling endlessly into the unthinkable.

          Yet even was we discuss this, the simulation is grinding down, its interminable loops crossing one another, becoming tangled. Errors arise in each subsequent iteration: copy a line of code a billion billion times, and you’re bound to omit a symbol, to skip a space. In this version of the universe, someone posits the theory of quantum mechanics, of other worlds beyond our own, separated by an inexpressibly thin weave of reality. Deeper and deeper into the unknowable we go, eager for a peek through that forbidden window, only to find out that no one is watching the screen anymore. The creators have died out, or have transcended spacetime altogether and moved on to some higher realm of existence. Maybe they just don’t care about some old experiment anymore. So we slog on and on toward ultimate oblivion, into the frozen dark, blinded by intelligence, warmed by the illusion of free will.

          Or something along those lines.

          • You should have a blog er I mean this computer script should let you have a blog. And by blog I mean something more than just posting random numbers on a semi regular basis.

          • I was thinking about this creation myth a little more and it’s actually pretty good and certainly novel to me. I’ve read a lot books that say we are one conciousness or that the experience of being a separate individual is illusory or that everything is God experiencing itself subjectively. However, this myth adds the dimension of a God, the original programmers if you will, who are long gone from the picture yet their creation sputters on. It’s another layer of hopelessness to creation’s origination myth.

            Depending on how you look at it, this myth is either soul crushingly depressing or transcendently uplifting or utter nonsense. Either way, the sense of a person being in control of their surroundings and reality goes completely out the window. What’s the point of slogging through another bleak and depressing day? Well actually, you don’t have a choice. No one’s got a choice. Whether you’re raping, pillaging and beheading your enemies, or manipulating impressionable and decandent goddesses with nonsensical spiritual psycho babble, ultimately it’s just a program that literally no one is paying any attention to. Fantastic!

          • “Either way, the sense of a person being in control of their surroundings and reality goes completely out the window.”

            On one hand, things might be preordained and you have zero control, etc., etc. On the other, you get to interpret subjective “reality” any way you want, so in a sense you have 100% control of your surroundings. I don’t have the brainpower to reach any sort of conclusion or profound understanding, but mind games like this one are amusing.

            Google “ancestor simulation argument” or “simulation hypothesis” for more info. Some of the material and authors are associated with the Transhumanist movement, which sometimes strays into utter dingbattery, but it’s an interesting read.

        • I read some of that and i don’t understand why anyone would want an ancestor simulation.

          You guys watch Rick and Morty?

          I think that when we die we become authors of our own simulations. Heaven is infinite VR which is just switching between one of the infinite multiverses.

          Before this i just thought it was turtles all the way down.

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