Reverse Ant Christmas

So it’s ant season again. Ant season in my yard extends from approximately early January until the end of December.  Previously I extolled the virtues of my citrus degreaser/dish soap concoction and I improved the efficacy of my delivery system over time:

  1. Mixing it in a bucket and dumping the bucket on the anthill
  2. Putting it in a pressure sprayer.  This took longer and reduced the amount of liquid delivered to each hill, but made up for it with the pleasure of blasting the ants with targeted streams of death and extreme cleanliness
  3. Making Rex fill old gallon jugs with water, then I’d put in a few ounces of degreaser and soap and then store until needed, shake, and destroy.

But the ants took the upper hand.  I’d kill one anthill, go out the next day to satisfactorily note its destruction – and discover two more mounds on the way out and three on the way back to the garage.  I consulted my neighbor, the elderly patriarch of the neighborhood, in search of a solution.  Actually he was out doing yardwork and Coach Jr wanted to wander across the street, but I know that old guys like giving advice, so I asked him for some – even though last time he recommended motor oil.  This time he recommended that I go to a particular out-of-the-way store and buy some powder that smelled bad and you only needed a teaspoon full per anthill but he couldn’t remember what it was called.  So I went to Lowes and got this stuff, which I figured was close enough (and didn’t involve talking to people)


According to the reviews online this stuff is like the tenth Biblical plague: you put a few sprinkles on the mounds in the evening and in the morning – no ants.  Even Karena recognized the severity of the problem as she not only gave me her Lowes gift card that she got for Christmas, but she agreed to watch the kids while I played with ant hills.


If you search for Bengal Ultradust, a picture of Celica’s crazy friend shows up even though he is holding a bottle of maple syrup.

Anyway, we have 50 less ant hills in our yard now.

Sunday 1/22

wt: 168.8

FP: 295,300 x 2   Floor press is good as it didn’t bother my shoulder and it seemed better than doing bench pressery daily and it doesn’t require rack space but tired of getting off and on the floor, think i’m switching to (clean &) presses as main exercise EOD (alternating with CGB).

Squat: 365,385,405 x 2

MP: 185,187.5 x 1; 127.5 x 6

SLDL: 205 x 8; 225,245 x 4

WSG: 4.25 x 3

time: 1:11


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