sack of lunch

wt: 168.6 wt has been good lately bc Karena on diet, and I’m embarassed to eat crap in front of her, or maybe bc insanely competitive.

t/h: 59/97%

FP: 215,220,225 x 4; 230 x 3

S: 305,335,355 x 3

MP: 160,162.5,165 x 2

SLDL: 275,315 x 2

time: 0:56

Workout time has been pinched lately because of my plan to teach Rex to make his own lunch for school.  I keep waking him up earlier and earlier and he takes forever getting ready and asking dumb questions e.g. “where is the bread” “Does every century start on Monday” “when was the last time Clemson beat Alabama”* to teach me that contrary to the parable it’s better to just give a man a fish.  Today was the first day we actually got the lunch made it only took SEVENTEEN minutes of both of us working together.

*on the counter where it always is, no, 1905




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