Best Christmas Gift Ever

To be honest, these were Rex’s drumsticks and they were just kept away from Coach Jr until now because of gnawing issues. Also this could be like Tiger Woods’s first golf club, but OTOH i suspect that “musically inclined” is often a  toddler euphemism for “noisy”. Kinda like how “busy” is euphemism for “hyperactive.” Time will tell. Coach Jr is also very athletic and by athletic i mean he spends hours throwing this inflatable frisbee thing at the driveway. 

wt: 170.2

t/h: 55/78%

Floor Press: 275,285,295 x 2

Squat: 355,375,385 x 2

Mil Press: 125 x 6; 127.5,130,132.5 x 3

SLDL+2: 195 x 8; 235 x 4

WSB: 7.25 x 4

WSG: 3.75 x 4

Did alternate DB Hammer Curls with my brother-in-law’s 25 lb dumbbells.  Made note to ask him why he had 4 dumbbells that are the same size.


8 thoughts on “Best Christmas Gift Ever

    • He’s dropped back to 2nd percentile in height. Still at 73rd for weight. So that converts to an adult size of idk 5’4, 210. The only athletes i can think of of those dimensions are Ed Coan and Mike Tyson. But he likes being pushed around in that little car a lot so I’ll encourage him to become a tanker.

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