Dance Recital

Time for Quincy’s biannual dance recital.  (Yes she was recovered since she wasn’t actually feeling sick at any point, and the doctor said she was no longer contagious)


This is her fourth one.  I discovered that I really like these recitals.  The little ones are cute and the older ones are talented and the studio puts on a great show.

For example, at the first recital, Karena’s parents took Quincy (age 2) and Rex (sleeping on shoulder of woman next to him) home at intermission.  But Karena, her brother and I stayed to see the whole thing.  (Now we have Coach Jr who is banned from overnight visits to grandparents house so I gotta leave early and take him with me; he behaved admirably for the first half but any more would be pushing it)

Bosch wants you to go on the stage and do your dance nicely” Yes i did actually say this and yes it did the trick.

I did my best to ruin the performance.  First I forgot her dancing shoes but Karena remembered when we were only a minute away from the house.  Then I forgot Coach Jr’s pacifier and bottle (he didn’t actually need either & turns out he really liked the show bc music and clapping, but of course if in-laws didn’t bring theirs, murphy’s law means he would have squalled & ruined).  Then I brought Quincy backstage still wearing her light-up Doc McStuffens sneakers, but a mom noticed and I was able to go get the dance shoes and put them on Quincy with plenty of time to spare.

Quincy’s first performance (summer 2015) was as a member of the baby dancers who get herded onto the stage like cats with a 1:1 ratio of instructors to coax and they hold hands and jump around in a little circle and one kid always refuses to go on stage at all and has to be dragged/carried and another runs directly for the edge of the stage and waves to her parents, then tries to jump off the edge and it’s all hilarious and charming.

But her last three have been as a member of the  group of “still enormously cute but have an actual dance routine even if some of the kids just stand there and others add bizarre moves of their own”.  Quincy did a good job and was the best one in her group (although honestly how could you possibly trust me on this).

Then while I was applauding vigorously (a different group than Quincy’s – I told you i’m a big dance fan) the wedding band I wear on my right hand went flying off in the dark and I couldn’t find it.  I wear two wedding rings bc I lost my first one in the worst motel in Delaware (shut up I was with Karena and baby Rex), then found it 2 years later under the seat of my car.  Anyway both of the wedding rings are heavy and made of tungsten carbide which is what they use as the center of tank main gun rounds IOT penetrate armor so hopefully this thing did not put a dent in anyone’s head.  How did it happen?  First of all shut up, second of all, i think my fingers have shrank bc I lost about 30 lbs since I got married.

Anyway eventually I gave up because the seating area is sloped downwards towards the stage so this thing could have rolled anywhere and it is worth about $20.  But I texted the guy who works at the dance studio and does all the business/set building/guy stuff and he said they’d found it so it’s all good.

Then you got this guy:


It’s true this is a terrible picture and he doesn’t usually look like a lewd predator but idk when you’re caught licking a doll’s face it’s never gonna look super classy.



7 thoughts on “Dance Recital

  1. “I wear two wedding rings bc I lost my first one in the worst motel in Delaware”

    I lost mine on a beach in Delaware, but somehow managed to sift it out of the sand. Delaware is not a good place for wedding rings.

    • i never thought of Delaware as hood but this area/motel was like the wire and no joke brought long guns into the room partly bc protection but real reason was i was scared they were gonna get stolen from my trunk

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