Scarlet Fever

…and strep throat is what Quincy has although her only symptoms are like a barely visible rash thank God

Also her birthday (4). Iot save money and not have to go to Walmart, Karena made the cake herself. It took fourteen hours and three trips to Walmart, the purchase of two icing systems, six sets of food coloring, and three new cake pans.

Tbf sometimes i do exaggerate. The cake was really good. It looked lovely. The stuff can all be used again the next time she wants to painstakingly make a birthday cake.

Also, I’m proud of her diligence.  I came into the kitchen to see her aiming the icing gun, then precisely squirting one! little white tuft of frosting fur onto Hello Kitty.

Me: great job only forty six thousand to go. Also there’s rubble in the corner of our bathroom.

Haha being married for ten years has given me at least a modicum of wisdom and tact and cowardice, so i just thought that and posted it on my blog instead of saying it out loud.

Above: How cats eat cake, at least until they’re told to use their damn fork.


Above: Thank you for the lovely present that was the only thing I got that didn’t come with a can of playdoh.  Background: Coach Jr payed absolutely no attention to the commotion, the presents, or even the wrapping paper, just carried on making noisy music.

img_20161208_184947.jpgAbove: Cleaning this up took longer than it took Karena to make the cake.


Above: propaganda shirts make it all worth it


Quincy ate 0.5 pieces of pizza and the top half of her cake.  Coach Jr ate 2.5 pieces of pizza and shrieked for more.  I gave him a small piece of cake instead and he immediately threw it onto the seat of my chair.

Thu, 12/8/16

wt: 168.8

t/h: 49/78

cGB: 275,285,295,305 x 1

MRS: 245,255,265,275,285 x 3

BTN: 131,132.5,133.5 x 2

SGDL (+3): 245,285 x 3

Reverse Curl: 85 x 3

sWSL: 6.5 x 3


Time: 1:02

Fri 12/9/16

wt: 168.2

t/h: 41/62

FP: 175 x 8; 185,195,205,215 x 4

Squat: 385,405,425 x 1

MP: 135,137.5,140 x 3

SLDL +2: 235,265 x 3

BB Curl: 90 x 5

sWSL: 6.75 x 3


time: 1:06

Sat 12/10

Wt:  169.8

t/h: 37/66

cgb: 205 x 6, 215,225,235 x 3

MRS: 295,315,325 x 2

BTN: 135,136,137.5 x 2

SGDL+3: 295,325 x 2

sWSL: 7 x 3


time: 0:50

All I need
is a big bag of weed
and a little Hennessy
just to get me high
couple bitches in the jeep
toothpick in my teeth
that’s the way it’s gotta be
just to get me by

-PMD (well not really him but the catchy chorus from his song Alls I Need from The Awakening can’t find it online but trust me it’s catchy and once you hear it you’ll sing it around the house until your wife gives you dirty looks too)


18 thoughts on “Scarlet Fever

  1. Reverse curl you are going to get jacked. 💪
    It was 27 in my garage today. My ideal workout temp is 40 so 27 is not too bad for me. I laugh when you say 45 or whatever is cold but then remember that I can hardly function when it’s above 75.
    We were just talking about scarlet fever at work. Hope everything turns out fine.

    • Thanks man yeah see those pictures and how she looks pretty chipper that’s with the strep/scarlet fever she had some bumps on her torso and we thought it was maybe allergic reaction her and Rex are allergic/sensitive to everything. Karena overruled me and took her to doctors brb worst father ever. Idk when i hear scarlet fever i think of the Velveteen Rabbit which used to always make me cry.

      yeah cold is not so bad heat is not so bad to work out in either. tbh most of the time I’m like man i hope I can set a temperature PR and impress the fellows on the blog with how rugged I am.

  2. Cosign on the skrength of the cake. Also wanted to acknowledge the 425lb squat; no idea how it ranks for you, but I’d be pretty stoked to hit one of those right now.

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  4. Coach Jr. not into sweets? Good on him. That is some impressive cake making!

    Nice new blog banner picture (maybe for a while now?), I ignorantly admit I don’t know where it’s from nor did I for the previous one.

    • Coach Jr does not like sweets but OTOH he doesn’t like vegetables either so probably going to get gout.

      The old banner was from the American Psycho movie i.e. Christian Bale as Patrick Bateman. But a) was bored of it and b) my kids kept asking questions when they’d catch a glimpse. The new one is from a tumblr about blood meridian.

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