Toy Communist

Wt: 168.6 new world record

I always give money to the Salvation Army bell ringers both on the way in and out of the store.  Partly bc social pressure, partly because I’m usually with kids and they like stuffing money into the bucket & partly out of genuine charity.  But my #1 reason is spite: Years ago…

Drug addict: I hate the Salvation Army.

Me: Why? Aren’t you staying there now?

DA: #$%& them!!! They make you work.  They get you up early.  You can’t be drunk or high there. They make you do chores, etc

I have been a big Salvation Army supporter ever since.

Me: OK, last chance to make a request, what do you want for Christmas?
Me: …
Me: so, um, paint?

I use a small rectangular mirror to see the back of my head when i shave it.  I left it on the bathroom counter…

Quincy: Whose tablet is this?

Two years ago…

Me: He likes…hmm…Rex doesn’t like toys!
Me: Name one toy he plays with that’s not a video game or a book.

Quincy is more than happy to play with all of Rex’s toys.  When I was growing up I was very stingy, basically like a toy hoarder.  True, my brother was only two years younger and played with the same type of stuff, so we didn’t want to share like, a GI Joe figure.  Probably as a result* of this I am a Communist in terms of redistribution of our family’s toy wealth.

*Basically everything anyone does as a parent is an attempt to keep their kids from making the same dumbass mistakes/having the same character flaws as you, a correction of a perceived deficiency in one’s upbringing, or an attempt to imitate one’s parents bc nostalgia/cargo cultism

There’s a giant box of Legos that Rex keeps in his room and has never played with (Sorry mom – at least I had fun building them)

Quincy: Can I play with your Legos, Rex?
Rex: No! Get out of here!
Me (swooping in like KGB agent): Aha! Yes you can – and if Rex doesn’t shape up, you can keep them in your room!

A minute later they were happily building things together which was kind of heartwarming except that Rex was supposed to be doing his homework so he and I got yelled at but it was worth it.

Quincy also plays with his green plastic army men which Rex has so little interest in that he doesn’t even bother to stop her.  I don’t think he even knows that they were originally his.

Quincy (dividing them into teams): Daddy, these are the boys and these are the girls.
Me: Sure, honey.
Quincy: These are the Rusties, and these are the Rosies
Me: Uh, okay.
Quincy: This is the shooting team and this is the cutting team.
Me: Do you want to play Play-Doh?


Lullaby Elmo – redistributed from bourgeoise Quincy to proleterian Coach Jr.


5 thoughts on “Toy Communist

    • Rex is very uncoordinated and one time threw a bottle of water into a group of kids at boy scouts.
      Karena: WTF
      Rex: water bottle flipping

      so wait i’m trying not to be offensive about poverty but gonna fail: they actually want a $1 bottle of water for Christmas or is this some specially manufactured for optimum flippage product.

      lol @ “the repetitive thuds of multiple attempts have been criticized as a distraction and a public nuisance. Parents and teachers have expressed frustration at the practice resulting in water bottle flipping being banned…” bc just mentioned this to Karena and started her ranting THEY TALK ABOUT KIDS LIKE THEY’RE HEROS ‘DID YOU HEAR ABOUT JOHNNY HE THREW ONE OFF THE FOURTH FLOOR AND…’

  1. So, I realized the Algorithms course is way over my head. I was looking at the first problem to do, and at first I didn’t even understand what it was asking. And then I looked up some people’s solutions to it on google, and I REALLY didn’t understand wtf was going on.

    So I “dropped” it on Coursera, and enrolled in Harvard’s CS50X on edX. It’s also free, and highly recommended. I need formal theory classes if I want to get hired, because every coding interview for internships or junior devs is like” come up with a O(nlogn) processes to sort this information. Or, “what type of data structure would you use to store this information to make it easily searchable by Y attribute?”

    Fun, fun.

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