Sparkle is my favorite color

So I had been using my phone to play MP3s but it’s annoying because of a lot of factors i won’t get into but number one is having to take the tiny sd card out and number two is the difficulty deleting songs off the thing. The other day i opened up a desk drawer in my office and found an MP3 player. I had stopped using it for some reason but I cannot remember why. So now since it works perfectly I’m using that.

I have 200 songs in my playlist. 197 are rap. One is Johnny B. Goode. One is by Kid Rock. One is Sugar Ray – Is She Really Going out with Him. Today I could play my music extra loud bc Karena awake and kids not home. I played 500 bars and running by The Game which is 21 minutes (couldn’t find the full version on youtube; you don’t care anyway) of the “Otis” hook. But guess which song Karena heard when she walked by the doorway.


wt: 169.4 started tracking calories the kids are all at inlaws & Karena made pancakes so I’ll uh restart tomorrow.

t/h: 51/80%


Floor Press: 225,235,245 x 3

did 225 while lying on the 2 mats (0.75 x 2 = 1.5″) that were sitting there from deadlifts. It was too much, though, and i could barely wedge my hips beneath pusspad. took one away for the other two sets

Squat: 285,315,335 x 3

Also I got a new pair of SBD knee sleeves. The old ones are still useable but after 2 yrs of daily use they are starting to get a hole in the knee caps it’s not all the way through yet but pretty close.

Mil Press: 182.5,185 x 1

SLDL (off 3 mats = 2.25″ what thrilling hamstrings): 265,295 x 2

i don’t really do them like this:

(i’m not putting that picture on my webpage sorry)

WSL: 5,5.5 x 5

sWSL: 6 x 5


Time: 0:59


13 thoughts on “Sparkle is my favorite color

  1. Sparkle is the first song on this album. It’s a good song. Probably not up for jazz fusion as lifting music as you’re not a 90 year old man yet, but it’s quite good.

  2. Judging by the amount of blood I left on the monkey bars tonight from popped blisters, my hands are softer than a preteen girl’s.

    • Your sport is American ninja.

      Ps i made Rex do some bar hangs last night. He lasted about five seconds. Before second attempt “can i at least have some chalk” you two can compete in the soft hand Olympics hehehe

      PPS thanks for the sous vide info. I decided to ask Karena idk she’s always mad at me because of my gifts. She said no but now that she knows what it is I’ll bet she decides we need one in a few months.

      • Fuck no. With my size and medical history, if I were even marginal at gymnastic stuff, I’d be posting stylized B&W shots of my scrotum for you guys to gaze upon.

      • Fucking around, mostly. Philosophically it’s part of my shoulder rehab – after surgery, the overhead ROM hurt, so we worked on it until it didn’t. Eventually I tried a static hang from the pull-up bar, which hurt, so I kept doing it until it didn’t. When I first swung between bars from the cut shoulder, it hurt, so I’ve been doing it until it doesn’t. So far so good, aside from all of the blood.

        • I am surprised I am actually a lot better at monkey bars than when I was a child. I still go across monkey bars, I dunno, 4-6 times per year, there’s an old abandoned set near where I live. Have messed up my hands from them too, especially considering they’re rusty.

  3. This just made me realize I’ve literally only heard that one I Want To Fly song by Sugar Ray. Guess I wasn’t missing much.

    Also that Kid Rock cd was my jam in middle school, even though it was the edited version because my parents didn’t want to harm my schoolboy sensibilities.

  4. to answer Rad’s question from previous post, I have no idea what’s wrong with my shoulder. Hurts during benching, and if I use it, it will hurt when I clasp my hands together and push.

    Sports Medicine guy said some kind of tendonitis, but wasn’t very specific and didn’t have a particularly good reason why. Pushups haven’t been bothering it so far, and I figure they are decently balanced with the chins I’m doing beforehand.

    I assume I’ll need a MRI to really find out why. I think best case scenario is it’s something morphological and so surgery will be obvious and quick.

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