In the Rex Powerman mythology there is a Rex alterego/Mary Sue character i made for Rex named Bookman (pronounced bookmin not Book Man).  Bookman is a mild-mannered, sensible type (compare to Powerman who is insane) who is cooler than SuperWhy because in addition to the “power” of reading (unimpressive since almost everyone can do it in RL) he also throws books at villains. Smaller books he throws really fast iot give the enemies painful paper cuts.  For a big boss, he’ll throw the OED which if someone could actually throw that with velocity accuracy and distance, it would be awesome.

Before the drum machine, Coach Jr’s favorite toy was a series of rubber squeaky books.

Me: He’s eating his words, hehehe.

Me: He’s reating – get it? – it’s a portmanteau of read and eat!

Karena: SIGH

I don’t know, i have tons of things to say about these books but then when i get down to it, I’m suddenly lazy. i mean, what’s the point?  If you want to know more about the book, read the reviews on Amazon. If you disagree with my two word assessments or still have questions I’ll be glad to argue with you or address your concerns in the comments.

Grit – amazing. Worth buying.

Steven pressfield “motivational” series (war of art, do your work, turning pro) – these are really good and profound but a bit thin, so i wouldn’t pay more than five bucks for one.

God’s debris by Scott Adams – enjoyable.

How to succeed while failing at everything (i think that’s the name but too lazy to verify; also by Scott Adams) – good, has some insights in it but i was a little self-improvemented out after ego is the enemy, grit, and the pressfield ones.

The obstacle is the way – also self improvemented out, I’ll give it another chance later

I’m lying to you (unsure exact title; Ryan Holiday) – interesting but depressing because unlike other “there’s a problem with society” books he offers no solutions

Ask the dust – got bored, maybe later

Reading a Bobby Fischer bio, endgame, it’s great so far


2 thoughts on “Bookman

  1. There’s a guy I work with who can’t read. Despite all the hooligans that work here it still surprised me and I think he’s the only person I’ve ever met who can’t.

    Also have you been writing about this bookman before? I feel like I missed something.

    • That is unfortunate but you know what i mean. The superpower of having two arms for instance is underwhelming (tho of course I’m grateful)

      I have told a series of Rex Powerman/Bookman stories to Rex. They are sort of like axe cop but without the cool art and the excuse/charm of having been written by a child. I’ll maybe write some up and post.

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