img_20161125_093706.jpgwhat happens when you quit jiu-jitsu

img_20161120_190115.jpgI’ll do as i please

I read in some fancy book that western children learn to say nouns first like  “ball” and “truck” etc.

Eastern children allegedly learn verbs and concepts first “going up” “open” etc.

What if your kid only speaks in slogans and catchphrases?

Besides dada (Karena claims he can say mama but this is a sad lie), Coach Jr. says the following:

1. Go go go junior!

2. Hai! (Hi)

3.Oh yeah!

4. Nude!

5. Ha ha ha! (Not actually laughing but mimicking my maniacal villain laugh)

6. I do! / I did it!

I figure we have two other kids so if one only speaks in memes it’s fine.

Edit: i don’t know how i managed to forget the punchline/point to the whole post but I’m trying to teach him to say “you got served” next


7 thoughts on “Gibberish

  1. So I finished reading Viada’s book, and I came away with a significantly different impression of it than Fats. I felt that he spent a lot of words on simple concepts (where “simple” is misleadingly defined as “stuff I was already familiar with”), and didn’t put enough work into things that I felt merited more discussion:
    – the entire nutrition chapter bypasses the difference between “necessary” and “beneficial” in terms of protein intake, dietary lipids’ effect on testosterone, etc. Also, he rejected the idea of fat adaptation as a high-performance end state, which is probably correct, but I would have liked some examination of fat metabolism as an energy system that can (or can’t) be trained.
    – He uses “zone 2” multiple times and I’m not sure he ever actually defined it.
    – “consolidation of stressors” is the Hybrid Athlete special sauce, and it barely gets a page.

    Anyways, I checked the bibliography and picked up Daniels’ Running Formula for $15, and I am thoroughly impressed. It is very dense with useful information.

    There’s a copy of Supertraining headed my way, which I fully expect will remain unread. At least I can pretend I’m part of the club now?

    I’m going to try making my own Platemates out of cheap cast iron plates from Walmart, some cheap rare earth magnets from Harbor Freight, and some krazy glue. Fingers crossed that it works; the real things are stupid expensive.

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