Spanish Nebraska

We’re thinking of home schooling Rex again.  I’d be in charge of the history part of his curriculum (and some other bits – phys ed, pest control, marksmanship, ok i’m just kidding – kind of).  Just wanted to get a feel for where he was at…

Me: What part of history interests you the most?

Rex: World War II!

Me: Do you know anything about history before World War II?

Rex: World War I!

Me: Ok, start at the beginning – what’s the earliest thing you know about?

Rex: God created Saul!

Me: Wait, what?

Rex: You know – God created *us all*.

Me: Ok, well, let’s – what’s the first thing that you know of that *humans* did?

Rex: World War I!

Me: …that’s all you know about?  Garden of Eden – World War I – World War II – and here we are?

Rex: Hmmm…in between World War I and II was… Vietnam War?

Me: Do you know anything that happened in, say, the 1700s or 1800s?

Rex: Wasn’t that…World War I?


Rex: Harriet Tubman!  Martin Luther King Jr…oh yeah Civil War between …North and South?  Then Martin Luther King freed the slaves.

Rex is excellent at math.


16 thoughts on “Spanish Nebraska

    • *teach* him one lol, see above

      The only real world consequences of not knowing basic things in any academic field (besides elementary math) that is not involved in your work is IMO basically nothing but why grow up being an idiot and potential prey for conspiracy theorists

      • “but why grow up being an idiot and potential prey for conspiracy theorists”

        The majority of people of whom this is true make it through life just fine. Basically the only downside is making a dumb comment at a party or something and everyone thinking you’re a moron.

        But conspiracy theories are going mainstream these days, so IDK maybe it isn’t that bad.

  1. I would home school him again for sure. Kinda glad I had fundie Baptist private school. So though I was taught religiously tinted history (Stonewall Jackson and Robert E Lee being great men of God, no mention of Isaac Newton not being Trinitarian) we still did pretty well.

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